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Links (6/15/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 15, 2008

  1. **** Adding Copy and Paste to SharePoint with the SmartTools
  2. Disposing SharePoint objects – what they don’t tell you
  3. Show Your Data in a Tag Cloud with XPath Expressions
  4. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CVIII – 8th – 14th June 2008
  5. Updating the docicon.xml File with a Feature
  6. My First Post – SharePoint Customization to a new level
  7. How to create a custom list with custom views based upon a custom list definition
  8. Rob’s Notebook
  9. Imtech SharePoint GoCodes (Free SharePoint Feature)
  10. Limiting the number of available site templates in code
  11. Enhanced Email Enabled Document Library project published
  12. Using Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server to implement a large-scale content storage scenario with rapid search availability
  13. My Battle with the Quick Launch Accordion Slider Control
  14. Elevated Privilege with SPSite
  15. EndUserSharePoint.com: Screencast on using Content Types to manage document exposure
  16. EndUserSharePoint.com: Excel Services and WSS
  17. Multi-Page Meeting Workspace – Missing Tabs
  18. Most Recent 50 SharePoint Projects Focused on SharePoint on CodePlex
  19. Top 25 SharePoint Focused Projects on CodePlex for Download
  20. Creating Workflow for a List Programmatically
  21. So, what’s stored in which SharePoint Database Tables anyway?
  22. Custom Event Content Type
  23. RunWithElevatedPriviliges and UserProfile
  24. RunWithElevatedPriviliges is not running with elevated privileges

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