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Links (6/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 24, 2008


  1. simpleCMS for WSS
  2. Enable MOSS Publishing Feature on site collection built using Team Site definition
  3. How to change the editing dropdown box in SharePoint
  4. Adding a background to the web part header
  5. Customizing Your SharePoint Site? Read These 10 Concepts/Gotchas First
  6. Data Source Issues and Workarounds
  7. Content Type is still in use
  8. Render parent control to string snippet
  9. Users do not see then ‘View by Social Distance’ link in the people results page in Search Center
  10. Running out of disk space? Check WSS_AdminService.log
  11. Semantic URL’s in MOSS 2007 (Imtech SharePoint Semantic URL’s free Feature)
  12. How To Expose Files in a Shared Folder for Remote Access with SharePoint
  13. Full Text Searching your CS and PowerShell code with SharePoint Search
  14. Hosting WCF in SharePoint
  15. Recover Documents from MOSS 2007 Database
  16. How to filter a SharePoint List based on the Log In user’s properties (E.g. Department, etc.)
  17. SharePoint ReadOnly Field can be written to by workflows
  18. Training and ELearning on SharePoint
  19. Add Editor and Modified to a Publishing Page
  20. SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Import your CSS for SharePoint Themes
  21. Upgrade WSSv3 to MOSS?


  1. Workflows That Capture Data And Create Office Documents

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