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Links (7/13/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 13, 2008

  1. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXII – 6th – 12th July 2008
  2. SPListItem.Update() not starting workflow
  3. Another SharePoint Developer/Debugging Tips List
  4. SharePoint Lookups with Lists is Different Sites (Cross-Site Lookup)
  5. Adding SharePoint Document Libraries to the Save As Dialog
  6. How do I make our SharePoint site stop asking me to login? – Part III
  7. Helper Class for Avoiding Memory Leaks with SPSite and SPWeb Objects
  8. Theme-amajig: Updating SPTHEMES.XML Through a Feature
  9. Web Service Results – XPath is your friend!
  10. SharePoint – writing to a SharePoint list
  11. SharePoint 2007 – Site Collections and When to Use Them
  12. Planning A Successful SharePoint Site
  13. The welcome name on a site is not changed as expected after you edit the name of a user profile in SharePoint Server 2007
  14. Sample SharePoint Web.Config for SharePoint 2 Beta 2
  15. SharePoint custom content type without columns problem
  16. How to: SharePoint Silverlight Webpart
  17. SharePoint Webpart Deployment
  18. Developer Webcast: Bringing Enterprise Data to Life with SharePoint and WCF
  19. Creating Re-usable Email Templates for SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflows
  20. Site Definitions versus Site Templates and deciding on the correct customization approach
  21. List Definitions versus List Templates and deciding on the correct customization approach
  22. Features in Office SharePoint Server 2007
  23. Web Parts in Office SharePoint Server 2007
  24. Branding Office SharePoint Server 2007

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