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Links (7/15/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 15, 2008

  1. **** Development Tools for SharePoint
  2. **** WSS Event Calendar Listing Web Part
  3. **** Content Deployment and the Infrastructure Update
  4. **** WSS and MOSS Infrastructure Updates Released
  5. Infrastructure Updates Available
  6. Using Regular Expressions To Build SPList Collections
  7. Building Master SPFile WebForm Collections, Remember SPListItems!
  8. PowerShell Building Blocks for SharePoint
  9. Tip – How to rename a SharePoint Server machine name
  10. Specifying Properties when Activating Features through Code
  11. Take SharePoint Content Offline
  12. Search across Site Collections
  13. Upgrading a SharePoint (SP0) Content Database to SP1
  14. SPDataSource – every developer’s friend (part 2)
  15. Versioning Hell ā€“ Part 2
  16. Drop-Down List in a ListView InsertItem Template
  17. Tidying up SQL Files in SharePoint
  18. Manage Hierarchical data in SharePoint lists – Building a Project Team site template
  19. Passing a query string parameter to an InfoPath data source
  20. Best Practice For Deploying Shared SharePoint Libraries
  21. Preventing Item Deletions
  22. Imtech Extended ContentQueryWebPart (with paging) source code available
  23. Getting GAC Path Using Reflection
  24. SharePoint and SQL Server 2008, Why Upgrade?
  25. FarPoint Has Released Their Spread Control for SharePoint
  26. Preselecting Page Layout in the Create Page screen
  27. Theme-amajig Refactored: Using Feature Properties
  28. Updating web part properties, without the tool pane
  29. SharePoint Search Integration With Google
  30. SmartTools for SharePointCopy Paste: adds copy and paste functionality to Document Libraries
  31. SharePoint 2007 – Step by Step Creating Custom List Definition and Custom Content Type using VS 2008 (VSeWSS 1.2)
  32. Specifying Global Assembly Cache Permissions

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