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Links (8/28/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 28, 2008

  1. patterns & practices SharePoint Drop is Available on Codeplex
  2. Securing SharePoint’s People Picker for Extranet use
  3. Patching SharePoint: getting up to date with the moss and wss infrastructure updates
  4. SharePoint 2007 Post SP1 Hotfixes
  5. Video: Building an Expense Report Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
  6. Video: Creating a Custom Workflow Activity for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
  7. Developing Sequential Workflows for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
  8. L Maintenance for SharePoint Databases
  9. IE8.0 Beta 2 with SharePoint, what’s the story?
  10. Conditional Validation with JavaScript
  11. SharePoint Password Checker
  12. SharePoint Image Search (Part 1)
  13. Create a XML Test Page for Search Results
  14. LinkedIn integration with SharePoint
  15. How to add, remove and start workflow programmatically?
  16. How to change the Workflow History list programmatically?
  17. Online Study Guide for Microsoft Exam 70-631: Configuring Windows SharePoint Services
  18. How SharePoint Wikis Work
  19. Interested in Searching Documentum & FileNet with SharePoint?
  20. How to use self service to get all SharePoint related hotfixes with the August 2008 cumulative updates
  21. Next geekSpeak – SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow with David Mann
  22. Visual Studio 2008 extensions for WSS v1.2
  23. Link To a Document In Another Document Library
  24. Workaround for Missing Workflow History
  25. Creating Site Collections in Unique Databases
  26. Adding a Document Icon to a SharePoint Library
  27. Why You May Not Need a Protocol Handler for SharePoint
  28. Options for branding application pages in MOSS/WSS
  29. Including Welcome Pages in the search scope in SharePoint Web Content Management solutions
  30. Introducing the Performance and Capacity Planning Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007
  31. Viewing webpart XML
  32. Technical diagrams and other supplemental documentation
  33. Make a picture a hyperlink on a SharePoint page or text box

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Links (8/26/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 26, 2008

  1. Rapid Tools for SharePoint released!
  2. Beginners Guide to Test Driven Web Part Development
  3. SharePoint Learning Resources
  4. SharePoint Learning Master List
  5. SharePoint Application and Site Pages – Part 1 of 2
  6. Inconvenient Site Columns
  7. Imtech Fields Explorer v1.4.1.0 (Inconvenient Site Columns update)
  8. SharePoint Error: HTTP/1.1 404 Connection: close
  9. Adding hyperlink and folders to links list in onet.xml using CAML
  10. Integrating ASP.NET Ajax WebPart with SharePoint 3.0
  11. Work with SharePoint Content Types and Site Columns using intellisense – Imtech Fields Explorer v1.4.0.0
  12. Content Type – Setting up default content type programmatically
  13. Using FAST ESP with MOSS 2007
  14. Display All My Alerts
  15. Page Layout Publishing feature Page Attribute issue
  16. How to configure Cache Profile in Page Layout using Features
  17. Up coming web casts for September
  18. While I Was Sleeping: New SharePoint Tools by U2U

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Links (8/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 24, 2008

  1. WSS 3.0 – Valid properties to be used in FullText Query Search in Search.asmx
  2. ContentDatabaseSection Class
  3. HOWTO: Optimize MOSS 2007 WCM Sites for Search
  4. Creating Master-Detail views with Web Part connections using Flickr Services as a Data Source
  5. Consuming Excel Data using InfoPath Database Data Connections
  6. Enhancement to the Announcements List View Web part
  7. A Picture is worth 1,000 Words: Achieving Good SharePoint Usability
  8. WSPBuilder.exe version x86
  9. Hiding and showing optional sections in InfoPath 2007
  10. Introduction to Master Pages
  11. Have you ever changed the top-level Site Title Site Column?
  12. Unit Testing SharePoint 2007 Applications
  13. Anatomy of a SharePoint Solution: Blogs Home Screenshots

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Links (8/21/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 21, 2008

  1. **** Deploying InfoPath 2007 Forms to Forms Server – Properly!
  2. Print a Web Part with Javascript
  3. SharePoint 2007 & SQL 2008
  4. SharePoint Navigation — learn something new every day!
  5. Announcing Connect.LightningTools.com
  6. To Breadcrumb or not to Breadcrumb?
  7. A SharePoint Twitter Web Part?
  8. InfoPath 2007 – Extracting those pesky Binary attachments
  9. SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Create a custom search input interface
  10. Get The Point On Preview of default content placeholders in a SharePoint master page
  11. Hide a field on a form

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Links (8/20/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 20, 2008

Back from a two week vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier.

  1. Getting Visual Studio 2008 SharePoint 2007 Sequential / State Machine Workflow projects working with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  2. Collapsible Web Parts
  3. Listheader above topnavigation flyout?
  4. Fooling around with InfoPath
  5. SharePoint Content Query WEB Part Limit
  6. SharePoint dev tip – easily go to the 12 Hive
  7. Update on Licensing and Virtualization Support for SharePoint Products and Technologies
  8. Want to quickly copy content from a list?
  9. Want to copy a list?
  10. Managing closed webparts – no matter how many times you explain this to clients, they don’t get it.
  11. Why Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 might interest SharePoint developers
  12. ***NOW AVAILABLE*** Two Chapters from AC’s Pro WCM Development Book on MSDN
  13. SharePoint Feature Stapling and Other Feature Content
  14. Locking Down MOSS Application Pages For Anonymous Users
  15. SharePoint 2007 SP1 is now supported on Virtual machines!
  16. SharePoint Backup / Recovery Solution
  17. Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint Released to CodePlex
  18. SharePoint Solution Generators
  19. Bamboo Solutions Offers Free SharePoint Calculator
  20. SharePoint: TODAY + 1 hour formula ?
  21. The Great Debate: SharePoint Designer vs. Custom Site Definitions
  22. InfoPath 2007: Display User on a Form
  23. Configuring Sharepoint MOSS 2007 Multi-Stage Approval Workflows
  24. SharePoint Awesomeness: User Profiles
  25. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 1)
  26. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 2)
  27. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 3)
  28. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 4)
  29. Does SharePoint support SQL 2008? Heck yeah!
  30. Plugging Web Controls Into The Property Grid
  31. Building Solutions (WSP) in Visual Studio? Say hello to SPSource
  32. Development Tools for SharePoint
  33. Update: Choice Filter Web Part as a Drop Down
  34. SharePoint Workflow Guidance and Best Practices
  35. How SharePoint determines if a field is “groupable”
  36. Updating Pages Library with Default Page Content Type
  37. “This page has been modified since you opened it” error
  38. Page Layouts Not Updating on Solution Upgrade
  39. Disabling Themes on Custom Master Pages
  40. A Bit More About Disabling Themes in Master Pages
  41. Quick Hack: Show Which Web Front End is Being Browsed
  42. Has IE crashed while using SharePoint? Running Office 2003 and 2007? There is a hotfix for you!
  43. Fixing ExpGroupBy in Core.js – International MOSS Community Comes Through
  44. SharePoint Development Tip: Using LINQ to query a SharePoint List
  45. Styling the datepicker
  46. Automating and Scripting SharePoint Administration
  47. EXACTLY where SharePoint documents are stored
  48. Content Query Web Part Display all fields + value
  49. How to deploy a custom field with custom properties from a feature
  50. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXVI – 3rd – 9th August 2008
  51. How To: Run A Workflow When a Specific Field Changes
  52. Video: Add Any Embed (Flash, Silverlight, iFrames, etc.) To the SharePoint Rich Text Editor
  53. SharePoint Portal Interview Questions
  54. The Problem with Content Types and Columns – Part 1
  55. The Problem with Content Types and Columns – Part 2
  56. My Site Availability
  57. Changing the default list content type programmatically
  58. Managing Web Parts in WSS and MOSS 2007 without using the Site Actions Menu
  59. How to sort the list of sites in the Create Sites page

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Links (8/6/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 6, 2008

No links for a few weeks. Going to be out of commission.

  1. Fun with installing SharePoint on Win2k8
  2. SharePoint.Performance: Optimizing Web Parts
  3. SharePoint Tricks: Content By Query for Single Web
  4. Zevenseas AD ChangePassword WebPart released
  5. How To: Configure permissions in Out-of-the-box MOSS 2007 Approval Workflow such that “Approvers” cannot edit or delete the item to be approved
  6. Quick and Easy: Get SPFolder of SPItemList
  7. The Zero Downtime SharePoint Patching Myth
  8. Adding a SharePoint Site Picker to a _layouts Page
  9. Getting started with SharePoint and Silverlight – Part II – Update for Silverlight 2 Beta2
  10. Web Part Development Tip #1: Do you render to the indexer?
  11. Filtering Calendar List Web Part Entries
  12. Code to Associate an Approval Workflow and Make it the Default for Content Approval
  13. Finding a SharePoint List Template Id
  14. First Look: Installing the Infrastructure Updates for WSS
  15. Interesting free SharePoint platform extensions
  16. Office 2003 and SharePoint 2007 – comparison
  17. System Administration Tools for SharePoint
  18. What accounts does the people picker show
  19. Support for changes to the databases that are used by Office server products and by Windows SharePoint Services
  20. Re-Publish Implementing Content Ratings for SharePoint via SP Designer-Part II Step by Step
  21. No Site Columns, Workflows on SharePoint (MOSS 2007) Surveys
  22. MOSS Search – Base search functions
  23. Video: Screencast – How To Add ‘Share This’ Functionality To Internet Facing SharePoint Blogs
  24. Content Query Web Part – Unable to Activate the Publishing Infrastructure
  25. MOSS 2007 Development 101 – Part 1
  26. Adding Users to a SharePoint List
  27. Provision a New List with Data
  28. ASPX to Web Part Conversion
  29. SharePoint Blog Navigator Web Part

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Links (8/3/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 3, 2008

  1. MOSS Single Sign On Setup Step-By-Step
  2. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXV – 27th July – 2nd August 2008
  3. Date Functions in Calculated Fields
  4. Dispelling SharePoint Myths
  5. /_layouts/groups.aspx will not display more than 100 groups
  6. Using Custom Field Types and List Item Event Receivers to Display Multiple Columns of Data
  7. SharePoint Trace Logs and the Unified Logging Service (ULS)
  8. SharePoint didn’t create the need for taxonomy planning, it just provided the tools to finally make taxonomy planning happen
  9. Why are My Sites necessary?
  10. Get started: Create a meeting note system with InfoPath and SharePoint
  11. Demo: Store InfoPath forms in a document library on a SharePoint site
  12. Demo: Populate a drop-down list box from a SharePoint list
  13. Introducing the “Quick Alert” Web Part
  14. SharePoint 2007 Workflow with Visual Studio 2005 + InfoPath 2007 (RTM VERSION!)
  15. WSS Picture Thumbnails Web Part
  16. SharePoint Governance Part I
  17. Custom Site Definition for collaboration portal template SharePoint 2007 !! Wow MOSS !!

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