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Links (8/20/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 20, 2008

Back from a two week vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier.

  1. Getting Visual Studio 2008 SharePoint 2007 Sequential / State Machine Workflow projects working with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  2. Collapsible Web Parts
  3. Listheader above topnavigation flyout?
  4. Fooling around with InfoPath
  5. SharePoint Content Query WEB Part Limit
  6. SharePoint dev tip – easily go to the 12 Hive
  7. Update on Licensing and Virtualization Support for SharePoint Products and Technologies
  8. Want to quickly copy content from a list?
  9. Want to copy a list?
  10. Managing closed webparts – no matter how many times you explain this to clients, they don’t get it.
  11. Why Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 might interest SharePoint developers
  12. ***NOW AVAILABLE*** Two Chapters from AC’s Pro WCM Development Book on MSDN
  13. SharePoint Feature Stapling and Other Feature Content
  14. Locking Down MOSS Application Pages For Anonymous Users
  15. SharePoint 2007 SP1 is now supported on Virtual machines!
  16. SharePoint Backup / Recovery Solution
  17. Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint Released to CodePlex
  18. SharePoint Solution Generators
  19. Bamboo Solutions Offers Free SharePoint Calculator
  20. SharePoint: TODAY + 1 hour formula ?
  21. The Great Debate: SharePoint Designer vs. Custom Site Definitions
  22. InfoPath 2007: Display User on a Form
  23. Configuring Sharepoint MOSS 2007 Multi-Stage Approval Workflows
  24. SharePoint Awesomeness: User Profiles
  25. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 1)
  26. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 2)
  27. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 3)
  28. Custom SharePoint List Forms. The C# way… (Part 4)
  29. Does SharePoint support SQL 2008? Heck yeah!
  30. Plugging Web Controls Into The Property Grid
  31. Building Solutions (WSP) in Visual Studio? Say hello to SPSource
  32. Development Tools for SharePoint
  33. Update: Choice Filter Web Part as a Drop Down
  34. SharePoint Workflow Guidance and Best Practices
  35. How SharePoint determines if a field is “groupable”
  36. Updating Pages Library with Default Page Content Type
  37. “This page has been modified since you opened it” error
  38. Page Layouts Not Updating on Solution Upgrade
  39. Disabling Themes on Custom Master Pages
  40. A Bit More About Disabling Themes in Master Pages
  41. Quick Hack: Show Which Web Front End is Being Browsed
  42. Has IE crashed while using SharePoint? Running Office 2003 and 2007? There is a hotfix for you!
  43. Fixing ExpGroupBy in Core.js – International MOSS Community Comes Through
  44. SharePoint Development Tip: Using LINQ to query a SharePoint List
  45. Styling the datepicker
  46. Automating and Scripting SharePoint Administration
  47. EXACTLY where SharePoint documents are stored
  48. Content Query Web Part Display all fields + value
  49. How to deploy a custom field with custom properties from a feature
  50. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXVI – 3rd – 9th August 2008
  51. How To: Run A Workflow When a Specific Field Changes
  52. Video: Add Any Embed (Flash, Silverlight, iFrames, etc.) To the SharePoint Rich Text Editor
  53. SharePoint Portal Interview Questions
  54. The Problem with Content Types and Columns – Part 1
  55. The Problem with Content Types and Columns – Part 2
  56. My Site Availability
  57. Changing the default list content type programmatically
  58. Managing Web Parts in WSS and MOSS 2007 without using the Site Actions Menu
  59. How to sort the list of sites in the Create Sites page

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