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Links (9/28/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 28, 2008

  1. Why using the Minimal SharePoint Master Page is a bad idea?
  2. I Dispose So…
  3. Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: Part I – Planning
  4. Extending Content Query Web Part XSLT with custom functions
  5. Auto-Implemented Properties and Developing WebParts
  6. Building SharePoint View Queries with CAML
  7. To dispose, or not to dispose – That is the question
  8. Getting SPContext.Current in a SharePoint 2007 WCF Service
  9. Mobile People Search
  10. SharePoint Team Development with Visual Studio 2005 2008 Part 3
  11. SharePoint’s Hidden Gems – RPC methods that make up owssvr.dll
  12. SharePoint for Developers: 3.2 Hands-on – getting list items
  13. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXI – 21st – 27th September 2008
  14. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 2: Submitting the InfoPath Form to a Document Library
  15. Additional Restrictions on File and Folder Names in SharePoint
  16. Unable to upload big files when running SharePoint on Windows 2008
  17. Expected Errors When Provisioning a New SharePoint Site
  18. InfoPath error: “The required version of the Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed on your computer or the InfoPath Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) is not registered”
  19. SharePoint dev strategies – it’s not all about Features!

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Links (9/25/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 25, 2008

  1. Access Denied For Site Collection Admins
  2. Sharepoint Access Checker Web Part V1.3.0
  3. All available SharePoint service packs, patches and related information
  4. Setting up a mirrored failover environment for MOSS
  5. DocumentShow extension for SharePoint
  6. Free WebPart – SITE EXPLORER
  7. MOSS: Goodbye 2000 limit, Hello 3000?
  8. Dumping Dated SharePoint Recycle Bins [Fix]
  9. Using SharePoint Surveys for a Quiz – Part 2
  10. SharePoint Security Helper Class
  11. SharePoint Performance Optimization Whitepaper Hits the Nail on the Head
  12. Powershell script to obtain the current MOSS 2007 version

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Links (9/23/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 23, 2008

  1. SharePoint Code Acceptance Checklist
  2. Hiding ‘Go to Source Item’ and ‘Publish to Source Location’ from document context menu
  3. Filtering the Content By Type webpart – use the zevenseas choice column filter web part
  4. SharePoint caching and CacheDependency
  5. EndUserSharePoint.com: Extending Issues and Tasks: Part 1
  6. How to Forcibly Incorporate a SharePoint Page Layout
  7. Taming SharePoint Security
  8. How to: Customize the Thesaurus in SharePoint Search and Search Server
  9. Restore the Contains option to the Advanced Search page
  10. Troubleshooting errors for InfoPath forms deployed on SharePoint
  11. SharePoint VPC for Download
  12. Source code for SP Content Deployment Wizard now released
  13. SharePoint Performance Optimization: How Microsoft IT Increases Availability and Decreases Rendering Time of SharePoint Sites
  14. Best Practices Conference: “Get Great Requirements” PowerPoint Presentation
  15. Using SharePoint Surveys for a Quiz – Part 1
  16. 60 MSDN SharePoint Class Community Content Articles Complete
  17. How to: Get up and running with .NET 3.5 in your SharePoint environment
  18. Using Web Parts
  19. Backing up MySites
  20. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 1: Creating the InfoPath Form
  21. SharePoint for Developers: 3.1 Hands-on – connecting to SharePoint and using elevated rights
  22. Beyond Technical Challenges
  23. Customizing the Document Information Panel in Office
  24. SharePoint Performance : Design, Implement, Deploy For Fast Experience

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Links (9/21/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 21, 2008

  1. **** SharePoint Image Search
  2. **** SharePoint for Developers: 3. Introduction to SharePoint Data Structures
  3. MSSharePointDeveloper downloads updated – WSS Dev VPC Image with Visual Studio 2008
  4. Implementing Custom Security Rights in SharePoint
  5. Quick Script for Uncustomizing Page Layouts
  6. SharePoint 2007 and Windows Server 2008
  7. Custom My-Sites “Have It Your Way”
  8. SharePoint for Developers: 3. Introduction to SharePoint Data Structures
  9. Using “Disable Output Escaping” in Data View
  10. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXX – 14th – 20th September 2008
  11. Picking a Winning Pilot Project for Your SharePoint Implementation
  12. Change default location for SharePoint Database files: .mdf .ldf
  13. So you want to be a farmer
  14. HOWTO: Get the field text from a SPFieldChoice
  15. Set default date to first day of the current month
  16. Dropdown to change the View disappeared

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Links (9/18/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 18, 2008

Remnants of Hurricane Ike came through on Sunday and knocked out our power. At one time 90% in Cincinnati were without power. Took 3 days for our power to get restored. Another 200K are still waiting. Please pray for the folks living along the Gulf coast who were affected by the hurricanes.

  1. SharePoint Security: Hard limits and recommended practices
  2. Working with Content Types – Part 1 of N
  3. Office Automation: extract embedded Word Document
  4. Group Permissions,How Does it Work?
  5. Disabling write and delete permission
  6. Use JavaScript to enable formatting of Data View UI controls
  7. Virtual PC (VPC) techniques for developers
  8. Filtering a list based on a multivalue column and filter
  9. Software Development Times article on SharePoint Development
  10. IDesignTimeHtmlProvider Interface
  11. That icky IISReset
  12. Office SharePoint Server Search – Error Stopping
  13. The Id attribute of a ListInstance feature is ignored by SharePoint
  14. What kind of Site should I create?
  15. Web part with Toolbar (Part 2)
  16. SharePoint for Developers: 2. Development Environment
  17. Investing in Logical Architecture Design Samples
  18. Enterprise Search going Federated with a very important SharePoint Infrastructure Update
  19. Using Wildcard Search Web Part to search for recently modified files
  20. Preparing Yourself For SharePoint 14
  21. Switch Views when InfoPath Form is Opened
  22. Make InfoPath Contact Selector Required in Browser-Enabled Forms
  23. Correlation Tokens in SharePoint 2007 Workflows
  24. Scripting SharePoint Deployment
  25. Update to Polling Web Part: 1 Response / User
  26. Ed’s SharePoint Best Practices Presentation
  27. Wildcard Search Web Part Release 2 is Here!
  28. Generate Page Layouts using Imtech Fields Explorer
  29. Examining the out of the box Master Pages in SharePoint
  30. SharePoint development toolkit
  31. LinkSection
  32. LinksTable
  33. Sharepoint Solution Syntax Part 1
  34. Inconvenient provisioning of Content Query Web Part instances
  35. Release to Web of Documentum and FileNet Indexing Connectors
  36. WhitePaper: Optimizing MOSS WCM for Search
  37. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXIX – 7th to 13th September 2008
  38. AJAX Enabled WebParts in FireFox
  39. The SharePoint Product Manager: Get Yourself a Pit Bull
  40. Document Management Operations Procedures and Resource Center
  41. Crawl before you RUN, Newbie to SharePoint Rockstar
  42. My wishlist for the next version of SharePoint (SharePoint 2009?)
  43. Resetting the Author on a SharePoint site, or Wherefore Art Thou Author Redux

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Links (9/11/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 11, 2008

  1. **** When your DLL needs to be in the GAC…
  2. **** SharePoint: 10 Things You Wish They Had Told You, Part 1
  3. **** How to build a custom site definition which has child sites (webs)
  4. Announcing the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Specification
  5. MOSS Functional Breakout
  6. I’d wish I knew about the SPPersistedObject a bit earlier..
  7. Logon to SharePoint using AD and a custom email address with the UPN
  8. Topnavigation styling
  9. Don’t Dispose In Feature Receivers
  10. Using LINQ to XML in combination with the Lists.asmx
  11. Change Master Page on the fly (via HTTPModule) version 2
  12. Problem with a Custom Content Type when performing a Check-In
  13. Taking your SharePoint production site offline
  14. Dynamic SharePoint Rebranding Module (DRSM) 0.0.2 Beta released!
  15. Dynamic SharePoint Rebranding Module (DRSM) 0.0.3 Beta
  16. BETA SPD Workflow Export Utility on CodePlex
  17. EndUserSharePoint.com: Best Practices – Lesson 2
  18. Application Settings and Web.Config Options
  19. SharePoint Development and Programming FAQ
  20. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 1
  21. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 2
  22. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 3
  23. SharePoint 2007 Features project on CodePlex
  24. A possible usage of People.asmx and UserGroup.asmx and Lists.asmx
  25. Light up your SharePoint Applications using the Silverlight .NET Blueprint for SharePoint on CodePlex
  26. Add 1000 folders with unique permission in a List
  27. Using SharePoint Web Service from SSRS
  28. Email Manager when a new document is created or modified [SharePoint Designer]
  29. SQLAuthority News – SharePoint – Steps To Create A Custom WebPart – Deploy It SharePoint Site
  30. WSP File Size Limitation in STSDEV
  31. Unrestricted access via SharePoint Object Model from Console Applications
  32. An Approach for Developing and Testing Web Parts as User Controls
  33. Packaging and re-using SharePoint designer workflows (Part 2)
  34. SQL Server – Error : Fix : SharePoint Stop Working After Changing Server (Computer) Name
  35. Using log4net in a SharePoint 2007 (WSS or MOSS) workflow …
  36. WEBPART: Count the number of Closed WebParts within PageCatalogPart

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Links (9/9/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 9, 2008

  1. Workflow Processing Overview
  2. Workflow Throttling
  3. Workflow Batch Processing
  4. Tune Web server performance (Office SharePoint Server)
  5. SharePoint Team Development with Visual Studio 2005 2008 Part 2
  6. How To: Customizing alert emails using IAlertNotifyHandler
  7. Customizing Alert Notifications and Alert Templates in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  8. SPDataSource Mystery Modes: Webs & ListOfLists
  9. SharePoint Development – Three Phases for Customisation
  10. Resolving SharePoint URLs in XSLT transformations
  11. Hotfixes for Workflow Delay Activity
  12. XML Mapping of Document Properties with Excel and SharePoint – Not Simple or Intuitive
  13. Empty Active Directory Groups do not Show up for SharePoint 2007 Audiences
  14. Podcast: SharePoint Governance, Engagement, and Taxonomy Part 1 — Episode 4
  15. Content Editor WebPart: YouTube
  16. Determine if MOSS is installed
  17. Image Upload Web Part
  18. How to display RSS feeds using XML Web Part?
  19. Accessing SPListItem.Fields Property
  20. Unit Testing SharePoint Projects
  21. Did you finish from SP1 for MOSS? its time for the Infrastructure Update!
  22. Debugging web parts and other SharePoint custom code
  23. Email enabled document libraries stop receiving emails

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Links (9/7/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 7, 2008

  1. SharePoint Permission Dependency Chart
  2. SharePoint Designer vs. InfoPath vs. Visual Studio vs. Excel Services
  3. SharePoint Products and Technologies Document: Developing Custom Applications with SharePoint Server 2007
  4. Modifying Spell Check for SharePoint Server 2007
  5. Consolidated list of MOSS items
  6. List of MOSS Timer Jobs
  7. MOSS Usage Reports explained
  8. Resolution for Event ID 7888 – Only site admin can access Data Source object from user profile DB
  9. Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit
  10. How to create a good SharePoint Survey
  11. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXVIII – 30th August – 6th September 2008
  12. SharePoint Conference – Building a SharePoint Designer Mashup (Part Deux)
  13. SharePoint Virtual Earth Web Part without deploying any server code
  14. Enumerate all Site Collections in a SharePoint Farm
  15. Friday Cool Content: Mastering themes and master pages
  16. Modifying the Master Page and its Corresponding CSS file
  17. Use a “flat” view to avoid fishing for files in folders
  18. Making “Post” and “Get” forms from SharePoint’s pages
  19. Organizing A SharePoint Document Library

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High-level Planning Meetings

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 6, 2008

I had a good day yesterday. Earlier this week I started a project at a new client who is in the beginning stages of rolling out SharePoint. Yesterday, not only did I get my badge (so I won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the security door again), I had the opportunity to sit through a very valuable brainstorming session.

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Links (9/4/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 4, 2008

  1. Leveraging the SharePoint Platform (Part 2) – Jeremy makes some very interesting points. Running into the same type of questions with a new client who moving to SharePoint.
  2. SharePoint Team Development with Visual Studio 2005 2008 Part 1
  3. Read-Only SharePoint documents in Office 2003 – the Edit Document Library
  4. Avoid ‘Read-Only’ documents with Office 2003 (retry)
  5. More on Manifest.xml
  6. Show all versions in a Document Library
  7. Printing From The Web With CSS
  8. STSDEV Solution Generator
  9. Slipstream SharePoint SP1 with Infrastructure Update for MOSS 2007 clean installs

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Links (9/3/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 3, 2008

  1. Opening IP Forms With Domain Security From VS.NET
  2. SharePoint (WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007) SDK Updated August 2008 (v1.4)
  3. Office Space: Custom Auditing In SharePoint
  4. Resources for geekSpeak: SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow with David Mann
  5. Displaying images in InfoPath 2007 browser forms
  6. Showing and hiding Publishing pages in MOSS navigation
  7. 2007 Office Resource Kit Technical Library in Compiled Help format
  8. Versioning [SharePoint] Version Management
  9. LINQ4SP – feature complete
  10. InfoPath 2007 essential resources
  11. SharePoint Server 2007 Downloadable e-books / content
  12. To remove the title column from a SharePoint list
  13. SharePoint Application and Site Pages – Part 2 of 2
  14. Errors when Configuring incoming emails in SharePoint 2007
  15. Content Query Web Part – Deploy Custom Style
  16. Recycling Application Pools in Windows Server 2008
  17. Features in SQL Server 2008 that will affect future versions of SharePoint
  18. Extending Content Query Web Part with custom data
  19. LinkedIn integration with SharePoint (Part II)
  20. Updating Content Types and Fields Through Features
  21. SharePoint Image Search (Part 2)
  22. SharePoint Image Search (Part 3)
  23. SharePoint Image Search (Part 4)

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Links (9/1/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 1, 2008

  1. **** Just Published! WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SDK 1.4 Download and Online MSDN Library (8.29.2008)
  2. Images in View Headers
  3. Announcing the SharePoint Best Practices Series
  4. Centralize Master page and Alternate CSS settings
  5. MOSS Search: Custom Search pages and Property mappings
  6. SharePoint 2007 Web Services are missing DISCO and WSDL files
  7. SharePoint Administration Toolkit 2.0 is Now Available
  8. Planning and Governance Course – coming to Cincinnati
  9. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXVII – 10th – 30th August 2008
  10. Creating Custom List Forms for Creating, Editing, or Displaying a List Item
  11. Enumerating Email Enabled Lists via STSADM
  12. SharePoint Slide Libraries Export Limits
  13. Video: Creating SharePoint Workflows with Visual Studio 2008
  14. Best Practices :: Keeps your MOSS 2007 Environment available and performing well
  15. Nasty SharePoint Workflow Bug
  16. Customize the People Search Results – Part 1
  17. SharePoint Developer FAQ – Got Questions?
  18. Building Human Workflows with Windows Workflow Foundation State Machines
  19. SharePoint Magazine articles for August
  20. EndUserSharePoint.com: How can I set search to read .pdf files?
  21. Developer lessons learnt – SharePoint WCM in the finance sector
  22. Recursively listing all MOSS Site Collections and Sub Sites
  23. Duplicate InternalName of the Site column

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