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Links (9/11/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 11, 2008

  1. **** When your DLL needs to be in the GAC…
  2. **** SharePoint: 10 Things You Wish They Had Told You, Part 1
  3. **** How to build a custom site definition which has child sites (webs)
  4. Announcing the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Specification
  5. MOSS Functional Breakout
  6. I’d wish I knew about the SPPersistedObject a bit earlier..
  7. Logon to SharePoint using AD and a custom email address with the UPN
  8. Topnavigation styling
  9. Don’t Dispose In Feature Receivers
  10. Using LINQ to XML in combination with the Lists.asmx
  11. Change Master Page on the fly (via HTTPModule) version 2
  12. Problem with a Custom Content Type when performing a Check-In
  13. Taking your SharePoint production site offline
  14. Dynamic SharePoint Rebranding Module (DRSM) 0.0.2 Beta released!
  15. Dynamic SharePoint Rebranding Module (DRSM) 0.0.3 Beta
  16. BETA SPD Workflow Export Utility on CodePlex
  17. EndUserSharePoint.com: Best Practices – Lesson 2
  18. Application Settings and Web.Config Options
  19. SharePoint Development and Programming FAQ
  20. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 1
  21. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 2
  22. HowTo: Create a Custom Action for an Office SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 3
  23. SharePoint 2007 Features project on CodePlex
  24. A possible usage of People.asmx and UserGroup.asmx and Lists.asmx
  25. Light up your SharePoint Applications using the Silverlight .NET Blueprint for SharePoint on CodePlex
  26. Add 1000 folders with unique permission in a List
  27. Using SharePoint Web Service from SSRS
  28. Email Manager when a new document is created or modified [SharePoint Designer]
  29. SQLAuthority News – SharePoint – Steps To Create A Custom WebPart – Deploy It SharePoint Site
  30. WSP File Size Limitation in STSDEV
  31. Unrestricted access via SharePoint Object Model from Console Applications
  32. An Approach for Developing and Testing Web Parts as User Controls
  33. Packaging and re-using SharePoint designer workflows (Part 2)
  34. SQL Server – Error : Fix : SharePoint Stop Working After Changing Server (Computer) Name
  35. Using log4net in a SharePoint 2007 (WSS or MOSS) workflow …
  36. WEBPART: Count the number of Closed WebParts within PageCatalogPart

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