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Links (9/18/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 18, 2008

Remnants of Hurricane Ike came through on Sunday and knocked out our power. At one time 90% in Cincinnati were without power. Took 3 days for our power to get restored. Another 200K are still waiting. Please pray for the folks living along the Gulf coast who were affected by the hurricanes.

  1. SharePoint Security: Hard limits and recommended practices
  2. Working with Content Types – Part 1 of N
  3. Office Automation: extract embedded Word Document
  4. Group Permissions,How Does it Work?
  5. Disabling write and delete permission
  6. Use JavaScript to enable formatting of Data View UI controls
  7. Virtual PC (VPC) techniques for developers
  8. Filtering a list based on a multivalue column and filter
  9. Software Development Times article on SharePoint Development
  10. IDesignTimeHtmlProvider Interface
  11. That icky IISReset
  12. Office SharePoint Server Search – Error Stopping
  13. The Id attribute of a ListInstance feature is ignored by SharePoint
  14. What kind of Site should I create?
  15. Web part with Toolbar (Part 2)
  16. SharePoint for Developers: 2. Development Environment
  17. Investing in Logical Architecture Design Samples
  18. Enterprise Search going Federated with a very important SharePoint Infrastructure Update
  19. Using Wildcard Search Web Part to search for recently modified files
  20. Preparing Yourself For SharePoint 14
  21. Switch Views when InfoPath Form is Opened
  22. Make InfoPath Contact Selector Required in Browser-Enabled Forms
  23. Correlation Tokens in SharePoint 2007 Workflows
  24. Scripting SharePoint Deployment
  25. Update to Polling Web Part: 1 Response / User
  26. Ed’s SharePoint Best Practices Presentation
  27. Wildcard Search Web Part Release 2 is Here!
  28. Generate Page Layouts using Imtech Fields Explorer
  29. Examining the out of the box Master Pages in SharePoint
  30. SharePoint development toolkit
  31. LinkSection
  32. LinksTable
  33. Sharepoint Solution Syntax Part 1
  34. Inconvenient provisioning of Content Query Web Part instances
  35. Release to Web of Documentum and FileNet Indexing Connectors
  36. WhitePaper: Optimizing MOSS WCM for Search
  37. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXIX – 7th to 13th September 2008
  38. AJAX Enabled WebParts in FireFox
  39. The SharePoint Product Manager: Get Yourself a Pit Bull
  40. Document Management Operations Procedures and Resource Center
  41. Crawl before you RUN, Newbie to SharePoint Rockstar
  42. My wishlist for the next version of SharePoint (SharePoint 2009?)
  43. Resetting the Author on a SharePoint site, or Wherefore Art Thou Author Redux

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