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Links (9/23/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 23, 2008

  1. SharePoint Code Acceptance Checklist
  2. Hiding ‘Go to Source Item’ and ‘Publish to Source Location’ from document context menu
  3. Filtering the Content By Type webpart – use the zevenseas choice column filter web part
  4. SharePoint caching and CacheDependency
  5. EndUserSharePoint.com: Extending Issues and Tasks: Part 1
  6. How to Forcibly Incorporate a SharePoint Page Layout
  7. Taming SharePoint Security
  8. How to: Customize the Thesaurus in SharePoint Search and Search Server
  9. Restore the Contains option to the Advanced Search page
  10. Troubleshooting errors for InfoPath forms deployed on SharePoint
  11. SharePoint VPC for Download
  12. Source code for SP Content Deployment Wizard now released
  13. SharePoint Performance Optimization: How Microsoft IT Increases Availability and Decreases Rendering Time of SharePoint Sites
  14. Best Practices Conference: “Get Great Requirements” PowerPoint Presentation
  15. Using SharePoint Surveys for a Quiz – Part 1
  16. 60 MSDN SharePoint Class Community Content Articles Complete
  17. How to: Get up and running with .NET 3.5 in your SharePoint environment
  18. Using Web Parts
  19. Backing up MySites
  20. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 1: Creating the InfoPath Form
  21. SharePoint for Developers: 3.1 Hands-on – connecting to SharePoint and using elevated rights
  22. Beyond Technical Challenges
  23. Customizing the Document Information Panel in Office
  24. SharePoint Performance : Design, Implement, Deploy For Fast Experience

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