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Cincinnati SharePoint User Group

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 29, 2008

The Cincinnati SharePoint User Group has a new web site:


The next meeting will be November 6th at MAX Technical Training in Mason. I believe the meeting is at 6:00. For directions to MAX Technical Training, click here.

Meeting details can be found here.

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Links (10/29/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 29, 2008

  1. **** Authoring custom expiration policies and actions in SharePoint 2007
  2. **** Download Zipped List Items Feature Released!
  3. **** SharePoint Timer Jobs
  4. **** Code Snippet: How to get a list’s complete/full URL
  5. Unit testing Microsoft SharePoint
  6. CompleteSharepoint.NET – Open Source Content Management System on top of WSS 3.0
  7. How to change the default page of a SharePoint site using a Feature
  8. SharePoint for Developers: 3.3 Hands-on – querying lists
  9. SharePoint Web Part Embedded Resource Permissions
  10. Site Definitions – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  11. SharePoint Custom Site Definition Battle – Common Ground
  12. The October cumulative update for WSS V3 and MOSS 2007
  13. How to get MOSS/WSS3 calendar events into MY Outlook calendar…
  14. Case Study: General Mills Manages Information with Comprehensive Records Management – very similar to what I am doing for my latest client
  15. Debugging SharePoint, which Process?
  16. Bad Practices for SharePoint Server 2007 Search
  17. Findability and SharePoint – Part II
  18. Ordering Links in Code
  19. Silverlight, SharePoint and ARF
  20. SharePoint causes DCOM Errors – Event Id: 10016
  21. Application Pool Manager v2 (finally)
  22. SharePoint 2007 Site Definitions Part 2
  23. SharePoint 2007 Site Definitions Part 3
  24. SharePoint 2007 Site Definitions Part 4
  25. SharePoint 2007 Site Definitions Part 5
  26. Deploying the Master Page
  27. New CodePlex Project: LyteBox for SharePoint
  28. SharePoint integration with Documentum
  29. InfoPath Form Services error message
  30. InfoPath Task Forms Made Easy
  31. InfoPath Pattern matching – “Email” field
  32. InfoPath Tip: Showing filtered column from a SharePoint list
  33. Whitepaper – Understanding and Troubleshooting the SharePoint Explorer View
  34. Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint – Part 1
  35. SharePoint Delegate Controls Unclouded
  36. Tutorial: [SharePoint Designer] Deploying an Activity to Office SharePoint Designer
  37. Remote Sharepoint Development (WebParts) with Visual Studio 2008 and VSeWSS 1.2

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Links (10/26/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 26, 2008

  1. **** Best Practices: SharePoint Object Model for Performance Tuning
  2. Announcing Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the 2007 Microsoft Office System
  3. Visio Shapes for SharePoint
  4. SharePoint Timer job: Read the web.config inside a Timer Job
  5. Report Builder 2.0 RTMed , but…
  6. Linq to SharePoint
  7. Linq4SP – RC2 is available to download!
  8. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXV – 19th to 25th October 2008
  9. SharePoint Products From DevExpress Coming Soon
  10. [FREE SHAREPOINT TOOLS] Free Workflow Activities
  11. TFS Builds for SharePoint Projects – Part 1
  12. SharePoint Menu Alternative

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Links (10/23/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 23, 2008

  1. Streamline Your SharePoint Code Using Extension Methods – have been creating numerous SharePoint extension methods. would like to see a codeplex project on it. if i only had time…
  2. SharePoint Guidance by Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices
  3. Updated SharePoint Hard Limits and recommended practices
  4. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 4: Creating the Workflow
  5. List RollUp Web Part in Action
  6. Preventing and Managing Broken Links in SharePoint
  7. Google, Live.com and Wikipedia Search Web Parts
  8. Things to Consider for SharePoint Performance
  9. Building a Virtual SharePoint Development Environment
  10. How to execute a JavaScript onLoad function in SharePoint?
  11. My top 5 WCM tips presentation
  12. SharePoint and it’s partner ecosystem – addons to extend the platform
  13. Add navigation buttons to your SharePoint site
  14. Finding Buried Treasure – Built-in Usage Reports in SharePoint and Search Server
  15. Convert XSLT Variables to Upper or Lower Case
  16. How-To: Display your Outlook calendar on you’re My Site
  17. How-To: Allow other users to interact with workflow on your MySite
  18. Offline Content Database!!!
  19. Intro to SharePoint Development: How to Build and Deploy a Web Part
  20. SPWebApplication.Delete – Deletes Web Application – Myth Busted!!
  21. Office SharePoint Server Search stuck in Stopping Status
  22. Just SAY NO to Creating Custom Site Definitions
  23. Configuring scopes in Microsoft Search Server 2008 – Part 2
  24. SharePoint 2007: 10 things you wish they told you – Part 2
  25. A Very Fast Method to Get the Site Collection’s Web Structure
  26. Get SharePoint Training on Your Desktop

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Links (10/19/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 19, 2008

  1. **** How Well Do SharePoint Lists Scale?
  2. Using Log Parser with SharePoint
  3. Finding and Growing Great SharePoint Talent
  4. How do I use SecureString type in SharePoint 2007?
  5. Content Editor Web Part: Slideshare.net (CEWP)
  6. Findability and SharePoint – Part I
  7. Announcing the Internet presence scenario
  8. Exporting a team site from a MOSS installation to a WSS installation
  9. SharePoint How-to: Batch updating List Items
  10. SharePoint 2007 Filter web parts – using the Page Field Filter web part on a Lookup field
  11. Dynamic Quick Launch Master Page
  12. Site Column Best Practices – whether to use a list lookup or choice field
  13. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXIV – 12th – 18th October 2008
  14. The SharePoint Infrastructure Update – what we’re recommending
  15. New MOSS 2007 Virtual Machine – through March 2010
  16. MOSS Solutions and Features in Deployments ( Part 1 )
  17. MOSS Solutions and Features in Deployments ( Part 2 )
  18. Using custom XSLT Extensions functions in the Data View WebPart: Hello World
  19. Accessible MOSS WCM Sites
  20. Performance Point Server 2007 and AJAX on SharePoint
  21. Configuring scopes in Microsoft Search Server 2008

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Links (10/16/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 16, 2008

  1. **** Importing Test Users into your SharePoint environment
  2. Record Center / Information Management Policy Jobs Not Running
  3. Extremely helpful hidden web part menu (browse, import, search)
  4. Dynamic GridViews with ITemplate and Services in SharePoint
  5. SharePoint To Go: Released to Web – calling Lists.asmx
  6. Get SharePoint Training on Your Desktop
  7. SharePoint v14 / 2009 Feature List
  8. Dispose Sanitation and Confusion!
  9. SharePoint content types inheritance fixed
  10. Avoiding “File Share 2.0″ With SharePoint
  11. CKS:EBE 2.5 beta available for download
  12. Create Unique Keys Using Calculated Fields
  13. Week Ending Column in SharePoint List
  14. Search Keyword to search for just sites: ContentClass:STS_Web
  15. Getting the SPWeb object of Site in the Itemdeleting event in Sharepoint
  16. URL Length for Docs in SharePoint at 260 Characters
  17. Task Escalation using Workflows
  18. URL Rewriting in MOSS 2007
  19. Extension Methods that get SPUser object and User Information List Item from SharePoint
  20. Extension Method – SharePoint List Enumerable
  21. Alternative display order in Content Query Web Part
  22. Webpart and Widget No Assembly Required Simplicity
  23. List attachments are searchable
  24. WSS 3.0: Document Library saved as a template is not in the Libraries choices on the Create Page
  25. WSS 3.0: Permission To Add Users to SharePoint Groups
  26. WSS 3.0 – Move a subsite with subsites
  27. Timer Jobs, Usage Reports and MOSS items explained
  28. Are you trying to find the details of SPList.GetDistinctFieldValues() method wss 3.0
  29. SharePoint List Service – GetListItems and Pagination
  30. SharePoint Crawler Rules Problem and Workaround
  31. How to get a richer result set in MOSS
  32. OOTB SharePoint Layered Photoshop File
  33. Determine the current number of SharePoint users
  34. Create a Custom List Data Form with SharePoint Designer 2007
  35. How to configure MOSS 2007 to crawl content within PDF
  36. MOSS and SharePoint Services v3 resources page – latest additions
  37. The Lost Web Part? or Not?
  38. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 1
  39. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 2
  40. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 3
  41. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 4
  42. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 5
  43. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 6
  44. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 7
  45. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 8
  46. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 9
  47. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 10

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Links (10/12/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 12, 2008

  1. **** ***NOW AVAILABLE*** MSDN: Prescriptive Guidance for MOSS 2007 WCM Sites
  2. **** Publishing Sites: Field Controls or Web Parts… That is the Question!
  3. **** Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to Application Pages in SharePoint Central Administration
  4. POP3 on Windows Server 2008 MOSS Dev Env
  5. What is ECB? – Edit Control Button
  6. EndUserSharePoint.com: Best Practices – Planning Metadata in Documents
  7. Enabling .NET 3.5 in SharePoint 2007 Sites, the Lazy Way
  8. SharePoint Team Development with Visual Studio 2005 2008 Part 4
  9. SharePoint Solution Syntax Part 2
  10. Forms Server: XmlFormView and setting the InitialView on load
  11. Customize the People Search Results – Part 2
  12. SPSite.LastSecurityModifiedDate
  13. Adding web parts to DispForm.aspx in SharePoint
  14. How to create custom view pages with a custom web part for the list definition – SharePoint WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007
  15. Creating a SharePoint Web Part that hosts a data binding Silverlight 2 application
  16. Designing SharePoint Implementations – Visio Templates and Stencils for SharePoint
  17. What to do when Load Balanced MOSS Servers can’t see each other
  18. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 3: Creating the Page Layout
  19. Leveraging the Object Cache, but there are considerations from a development perspective
  20. Michael Washam’s – SharePoint Blog : Calling a WCF WebService from a SharePoint WebPart using JavaScript
  21. MOSS XHTML Compliant
  22. Upgradeable features and/or WebApplication ContentTypes
  23. Content Publishing Folder Splitter
  24. MOSS Performance Counters and thresholds
  25. Whole farm is down because timer jobs are not running
  26. SharePoint Extranet Freeware and Off the Shelf Management Suites
  27. SharePoint Quick Surveys 1.0.4 and CurrentUser.LoginName gotcha
  28. How we test – a high level overview
  29. Unable to delete unmapped crawled properties in SharePoint Search
  30. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXIII – 5th – 11th October 2008
  31. Microsoft Next Killer OS is… SharePoint?
  32. SharePoint Permissions… Part 2
  33. SharePoint Permissions… Part 3
  34. SharePoint Permissions… Part 4
  35. Which SharePoint Technology is right for you?
  36. Can a SharePoint Implementation be Out of Control or Chaotic?
  37. SharePoint 2007 breadcrumb includes default.aspx

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Links (10/8/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 8, 2008

  1. I don’t wanna See “View All Site Content”
  2. CAML Query Execution using Pagination (for custom columns)
  3. Unit testing SharePoint code
  4. Hosting Silverlight in a SharePoint Webpart
  5. So what’s on your SharePoint development machine?
  6. Two tips about MOSS search managed properties
  7. SharePointMagazine.net: Leveraging the SharePoint Platform (Part 3)
  8. Disposing SharePoint objects – please read the guidelines!
  9. Failure decompressing data from a cabinet file
  10. EndUserSharePoint.com: Extending Issues and Tasks – Part 3
  11. EndUserSharePoint.com: Taming the Elusive “Calculated Column” – Text and Data (Part III)
  12. EndUserSharePoint.com: Can attachment file names be found through search?
  13. MOSS Creating Custom News Page Layouts
  14. 64-Bit is the way to go…
  15. Content Editor WebPart: Flash
  16. Limiting Legal Discovery Using a Policy Taxonomy
  17. Developing a Custom Master Page in SharePoint
  18. Custom Document Library using List Definition Schema.XML Version Not Appearing on Office Documents
  19. Improving performance of SharePoint solutions by using Cache and CacheDependency
  20. Site Structure: Web Apps vs Site Collections vs Subsites
  21. Unique level permissions with Anonymous access
  22. Display content type in SharePoint search results
  23. Troubleshooting “Faulting application w3wp.exe”, pt 2
  24. Developing a List Definition with the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for WSS
  25. Access Denied Error when Updating a Solution
  26. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 3: Creating the Page Layout
  27. Creating a simple sequential workflow
  28. Looking for a multi format viewer for SharePoint?

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Links (10/5/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 5, 2008

  1. A MailServer For Win2k8-Based SharePoint Dev
  2. Updated SPSite.RootWeb Dispose Guidance
  3. Programmatically retrieve the items in a list based on the current user
  4. Execute permission when registering a SharePoint timer job in a feature
  5. SPWebConfigModification without hardcoding the modifications
  6. A look at MOSS 2007 Performance Part I – Performance Counters
  7. A look at MOSS 2007 Performance Part II – IIS Log Analysis
  8. Sigh???Use Your Heads Please People (or ???Arguing the Use of SPD for Workflow???)
  9. Creating a Enhanced MOSS 404 Feature – Part 1
  10. Programmatically rename a file inside a SharePoint document library
  11. Programmatically retrieve the items in a list based on the current user
  12. An own view of a WSS Calendar with calculated columns
  13. After Properties go blank in ItemUpdated event for Office 2007 Documents
  14. How do you provision a MasterPages across all SharePoint sites from a single Feature?
  15. Forms Services Usage
  16. FullTextSqlQuery with QueryText length greater than 4096 characters throws ArgumentOutOfRange exception
  17. To Bracket or Not to Bracket (Field Element ID GUID)
  18. PowerShell Script — Start Custom Timer Job Out of Schedule
  19. How do I view tasks due in the next 10 days?
  20. Quick tip: Search Center and SharePoint site collections
  21. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXII – 28th September – 4th October 2008
  22. Best Practice to create designer friendly server controls
  23. Just say ‘No’ to Basic install
  24. Read Excel 2007 Files in MOSS 2007 Document library using OpenXML
  25. SharePoint Manager 2007 ver.
  26. Working with SharePoint in Vista
  27. Project Server 2007: AJAX Web Part – as demonstrated at TechEd 2008
  28. Best SharePoint Books – Ratings by Joel Oleson
  29. Walkthrough: Import Data From a Line Of Business System into SharePoint User Profiles

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Links (10/1/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 1, 2008

  1. Add users of an AD Group to the SharePoint Site
  2. Global Asset Picker – SharePoin
  3. Filtering in/out page layouts & site templates
  4. Working with Content Types – Part 2 of N
  5. Announcing August Cumulative Update for Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  6. MOSS/WSS SiteTemplate codes
  7. Web Templates in MOSS 2007
  8. How to create MySite Programmatically
  9. How to create Site Collection in a specific content dateabase part 2
  10. SharePoint dev strategies – it’s not all about Features!
  11. Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package: August 26, 2008
  12. SharePoint vs. Google Sites
  13. What makes a SharePoint developer?
  14. Using SPGridView with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  15. Remember When Using SPUtility.FormatDate To UTC (Extension Method)
  16. How to: Specify the Properties Returned in a Keyword Query when using the Search Web Service
  17. How to: LINQ with SharePoint – .NET 3.5 Framework with SharePoint Part 2
  18. Writing Extension Methods for SharePoint
  19. Workflow Hot Fixes
  20. Monitoring web service calls under SharePoint
  21. My current SharePoint development toolkit
  22. Troubleshooting “Faulting application w3wp.exe”, pt 1
  23. Lessons Learned on Getting Buy-in

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