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Archive for October 12th, 2008

Links (10/12/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 12, 2008

  1. **** ***NOW AVAILABLE*** MSDN: Prescriptive Guidance for MOSS 2007 WCM Sites
  2. **** Publishing Sites: Field Controls or Web Parts… That is the Question!
  3. **** Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to Application Pages in SharePoint Central Administration
  4. POP3 on Windows Server 2008 MOSS Dev Env
  5. What is ECB? – Edit Control Button
  6. EndUserSharePoint.com: Best Practices – Planning Metadata in Documents
  7. Enabling .NET 3.5 in SharePoint 2007 Sites, the Lazy Way
  8. SharePoint Team Development with Visual Studio 2005 2008 Part 4
  9. SharePoint Solution Syntax Part 2
  10. Forms Server: XmlFormView and setting the InitialView on load
  11. Customize the People Search Results – Part 2
  12. SPSite.LastSecurityModifiedDate
  13. Adding web parts to DispForm.aspx in SharePoint
  14. How to create custom view pages with a custom web part for the list definition – SharePoint WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007
  15. Creating a SharePoint Web Part that hosts a data binding Silverlight 2 application
  16. Designing SharePoint Implementations – Visio Templates and Stencils for SharePoint
  17. What to do when Load Balanced MOSS Servers can’t see each other
  18. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 3: Creating the Page Layout
  19. Leveraging the Object Cache, but there are considerations from a development perspective
  20. Michael Washam’s – SharePoint Blog : Calling a WCF WebService from a SharePoint WebPart using JavaScript
  21. MOSS XHTML Compliant
  22. Upgradeable features and/or WebApplication ContentTypes
  23. Content Publishing Folder Splitter
  24. MOSS Performance Counters and thresholds
  25. Whole farm is down because timer jobs are not running
  26. SharePoint Extranet Freeware and Off the Shelf Management Suites
  27. SharePoint Quick Surveys 1.0.4 and CurrentUser.LoginName gotcha
  28. How we test – a high level overview
  29. Unable to delete unmapped crawled properties in SharePoint Search
  30. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXIII – 5th – 11th October 2008
  31. Microsoft Next Killer OS is… SharePoint?
  32. SharePoint Permissions… Part 2
  33. SharePoint Permissions… Part 3
  34. SharePoint Permissions… Part 4
  35. Which SharePoint Technology is right for you?
  36. Can a SharePoint Implementation be Out of Control or Chaotic?
  37. SharePoint 2007 breadcrumb includes default.aspx

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