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Archive for October 16th, 2008

Links (10/16/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 16, 2008

  1. **** Importing Test Users into your SharePoint environment
  2. Record Center / Information Management Policy Jobs Not Running
  3. Extremely helpful hidden web part menu (browse, import, search)
  4. Dynamic GridViews with ITemplate and Services in SharePoint
  5. SharePoint To Go: Released to Web – calling Lists.asmx
  6. Get SharePoint Training on Your Desktop
  7. SharePoint v14 / 2009 Feature List
  8. Dispose Sanitation and Confusion!
  9. SharePoint content types inheritance fixed
  10. Avoiding “File Share 2.0″ With SharePoint
  11. CKS:EBE 2.5 beta available for download
  12. Create Unique Keys Using Calculated Fields
  13. Week Ending Column in SharePoint List
  14. Search Keyword to search for just sites: ContentClass:STS_Web
  15. Getting the SPWeb object of Site in the Itemdeleting event in Sharepoint
  16. URL Length for Docs in SharePoint at 260 Characters
  17. Task Escalation using Workflows
  18. URL Rewriting in MOSS 2007
  19. Extension Methods that get SPUser object and User Information List Item from SharePoint
  20. Extension Method – SharePoint List Enumerable
  21. Alternative display order in Content Query Web Part
  22. Webpart and Widget No Assembly Required Simplicity
  23. List attachments are searchable
  24. WSS 3.0: Document Library saved as a template is not in the Libraries choices on the Create Page
  25. WSS 3.0: Permission To Add Users to SharePoint Groups
  26. WSS 3.0 – Move a subsite with subsites
  27. Timer Jobs, Usage Reports and MOSS items explained
  28. Are you trying to find the details of SPList.GetDistinctFieldValues() method wss 3.0
  29. SharePoint List Service – GetListItems and Pagination
  30. SharePoint Crawler Rules Problem and Workaround
  31. How to get a richer result set in MOSS
  32. OOTB SharePoint Layered Photoshop File
  33. Determine the current number of SharePoint users
  34. Create a Custom List Data Form with SharePoint Designer 2007
  35. How to configure MOSS 2007 to crawl content within PDF
  36. MOSS and SharePoint Services v3 resources page – latest additions
  37. The Lost Web Part? or Not?
  38. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 1
  39. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 2
  40. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 3
  41. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 4
  42. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 5
  43. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 6
  44. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 7
  45. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 8
  46. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 9
  47. MOSS UI Tutorial: Part 10

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