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Links (10/23/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 23, 2008

  1. Streamline Your SharePoint Code Using Extension Methods – have been creating numerous SharePoint extension methods. would like to see a codeplex project on it. if i only had time…
  2. SharePoint Guidance by Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices
  3. Updated SharePoint Hard Limits and recommended practices
  4. InfoPath and Web Content Management: an End-to-End SharePoint Scenario — Part 4: Creating the Workflow
  5. List RollUp Web Part in Action
  6. Preventing and Managing Broken Links in SharePoint
  7. Google, Live.com and Wikipedia Search Web Parts
  8. Things to Consider for SharePoint Performance
  9. Building a Virtual SharePoint Development Environment
  10. How to execute a JavaScript onLoad function in SharePoint?
  11. My top 5 WCM tips presentation
  12. SharePoint and it’s partner ecosystem – addons to extend the platform
  13. Add navigation buttons to your SharePoint site
  14. Finding Buried Treasure – Built-in Usage Reports in SharePoint and Search Server
  15. Convert XSLT Variables to Upper or Lower Case
  16. How-To: Display your Outlook calendar on you’re My Site
  17. How-To: Allow other users to interact with workflow on your MySite
  18. Offline Content Database!!!
  19. Intro to SharePoint Development: How to Build and Deploy a Web Part
  20. SPWebApplication.Delete – Deletes Web Application – Myth Busted!!
  21. Office SharePoint Server Search stuck in Stopping Status
  22. Just SAY NO to Creating Custom Site Definitions
  23. Configuring scopes in Microsoft Search Server 2008 – Part 2
  24. SharePoint 2007: 10 things you wish they told you – Part 2
  25. A Very Fast Method to Get the Site Collection’s Web Structure
  26. Get SharePoint Training on Your Desktop

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