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Links (11/5/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 5, 2008

  1. Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance
  2. Adding an ‘Up Folder’ button to a SharePoint List View Webpart
  3. Implementing a Brand in a SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Site
  4. Creating a feedback or contact form for a SharePoint website
  5. Provisioning Content Query Web Part querying subsites in a structured and repeatable way
  6. Redirect to a custom page after entering item in SharePoint List
  7. Programmatically setting the content type while creating a list item
  8. BB13: SharePoint 2007 Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio — Sample Code
  9. Application Design and Development based on SharePoint 2007 (Part 1)
  10. A Note on Content Type Inheritance
  11. Reference list for SharePoint internal field names
  12. Storing metadata in SharePoint Lists vs. SQL Database
  13. A tip when looking at the SharePoint content DB
  14. Using centrally managed SharePoint data connection files with InfoPath 2007
  15. ASP.NET Application Code Into SharePoint: The User Control/Page Layout Technique
  16. SharePoint Site mind map
  17. Findability and SharePoint – Part III

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