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Links (11/9/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 9, 2008

  1. Get SPUser object from SPListItem
  2. Getting IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 ready to Install SharePoint
  3. Using the KeywordQuery Class to Get a List of Departments
  4. Using the KeywordQuery Class to Get a List of Department Employees
  5. 2009 Best Practices SharePoint Conference and the 25 Most Common SharePoint Server Design Questions
  6. Beginners Guide to SharePoint 2007 Workflow Development – Create an InfoPath Web-Based Form
  7. Developing a InfoPath Solution using a Solution Package
  8. What makes for good SharePoint Documentation?
  9. Learning Track: SharePoint for Developers – Part 1
  10. Using PivotTables to Analyze Data From a SharePoint List
  11. Power User Toolbox: JavaScript for SharePoint – Pt2
  12. SharePoint application guidance is here
  13. Advanced SharePoint and Reporting Services web part
  14. How to test the Mail Settings for a SharePoint Web Application
  15. Get ListItem from Lookupfield in SharePoint
  16. RemoveWebPartToolbar – Procedure
  17. Remove WebPart Toolbar in SharePoint
  18. SharePoint QuickLaunch order change
  19. Disable SharePoint Quick Launch in Feature
  20. Create new view to SharePoint list
  21. Create SharePoint Group
  22. Create New Folder to SharePoint List
  23. Break SharePoint List Roles and add new role
  24. WSS FAQ additions and changes CXXVII – 2nd – 8th November
  25. QuickTask WebPart
  26. Page Versioning v2

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