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Links (11/16/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 16, 2008

  1. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and SharePoint 2007
  2. It’s in There – Automatically Maintained System Columns in SharePoint Lists
  3. Complete CAML Schema Documentation
  4. How to set Item-level Permissions in the List programmatically
  5. Office SharePoint Server 2007 Technical Library Released
  6. Improving MOSS Search Accessibility
  7. 260 Characters – And I Mean It!
  8. SharePoint infrastructural updates fail
  9. The MAX_PATH in SharePoint
  10. Using the People picker – how to specify what can users choose
  11. STSDEV and Windows Server 2008
  12. SharePoint Elevated Privilege without RunWithElevatedPrivelege
  13. Leverage SPUtility.ValidateFormDigest() for CSRF mitigation
  14. How to remove Site Actions and View All Site Content
  15. How to create a List/document library view programmatically
  16. Understanding Record Management Feature Part 1 – Document Information Panel
  17. Understanding Record Management Feature Part 2 – Labeling
  18. Understanding Record Management Feature Part 3 – Barcode
  19. Empty/Blank IIS Manager When SharePoint Timer Throws Error
  20. Understanding Calendar Columns in a SharePoint List Calendar View
  21. How to retrieve the contents of a file in SharePoint no matter its location?
  22. SharePoint: Changing a MOSS Publishing Welcome Page Programmatically
  23. SharePoint: Create MySite Programmatically
  24. SharePoint: change current site collection’s master page
  25. Activating Features at Different Scopes Using STSADM
  26. Deactivating Features at Different Scopes Using STSADM
  27. InfoPath – Looking from a caliber (non functional requirement) perspective
  28. Customize the QuickLaunch menu and show it on top of the site as TopNavigation menu
  29. SharePoint and the Seven Words
  30. SharePoint Security Access Check Codeplex
  31. TechEd EMEA 2008 Developer – Session Recap
  32. Limiting the Page Payload with IIS HTTP Compression
  33. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CXXVIII – 9th – 15th November 2008
  34. Guide to SharePoint workflow development
  35. Open Text brings case management to SharePoint

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