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Links (1/4/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 4, 2009

  1. Documenting Your SharePoint Application Design-Part 2, The Process
  2. Determining the Worker Process Id in Windows Server 2008
  3. Eliminate page flicker in SharePoint
  4. Getting around “This breakpoint will not currently be hit”.
  5. Making SharePoint’s web.config changes manageable
  6. SharePoint InlineSiteSettings
  7. JQuery for Everyone: Cleaning Windows Pt2
  8. Consume SharePoint Web Services with WCF using the Repository, Gateway, Mapper, Domain Model and Factory Design Patterns
  9. Useful links for a Publishing or Internet facing SharePoint (MOSS) site implementation / development
  10. Using huge files with SharePoint
  11. Jimmie’s Sharings : ULS Log File Data Mining
  12. LogParser and SharePoint (kinda like chocolate and peanut butter)
  13. Combined SSL HttpModule for SharePoint Webs and Pages
  14. Inspecting SharePoint
  15. How to use LINQ to Objects to query SharePoint objects?
  16. Creating and configuring sites programmatically.. I love it!
  17. Using the PeoplePicker in your custom webpart
  18. Excluding empty text values in SharePoint Search
  19. SharePoint Development and Arm Eating Tigers
  20. HOW-TO: Customize SharePoint’s Core Search Results Web Part
  21. Project Server 2007: Reading SharePoint ULS logs with Excel

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