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Links (1/22/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 22, 2009

  1. **** Column Level Security in SharePoint
  2. Web.config modifications with a SharePoint feature
  3. Understanding SharePoint: SPRequest – very impressive
  4. Building Office Business Applications Using Visual Studio Tools for the Office System (3.0)
  5. zevenseas Feature Blocker
  6. TDD in SharePoint – Step 2 Implementing DI
  7. Feed your CAML some IntelliSense so it doesn’t bite you in the you-know-what!
  8. My First Silverlight part 1 – Introduction and preparation
  9. My first Silverlight part 2 – Create the WCF news service
  10. My first Silverlight part 3 – Create the Silverlight web part
  11. Top Office 2007 & SharePoint Articles, Downloads, Visual How-tos, and Portal Pages
  12. Visual Indicators for the Masses: KPIs in WSS
  13. Adding JavaScript Tabs to SharePoint
  14. Content Deployment – Best Practices
  15. How to make a SharePoint list look the way you want
  16. New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint Project
  17. A better Config Store for SharePoint sites
  18. How to use SharePoint Designer to display list data from subwebs
  19. JQuery for Everyone: Degrading Dynamic Script Loader
  20. JQuery for Everyone: Preview Pane for Calendar View
  21. JQuery for Everyone: Preview Pane for Multiple Lists – need to send Paul an email – I can get it to work but I get a page error the first time I popup a list – object not found.
  22. LINQ Tip: Enumerable.OfType
  23. Top 5 benefits of SharePoint check-in/check-out
  24. JQuery for Everyone: Force Checkout
  25. Installing Adobe’s 64-bit PDF iFilter 9 on MOSS
  26. InfoPath 2007 & Forms Services backward compatibility
  27. Custom Navigation Provider using SharePoint List
  28. Using Custom ASP.NET Controls in SharePoint 2007
  29. Programmatically updating the status of workflow logs using TargetUpdateWorkflowLog class in CRM 4.0
  30. How to Truncate and Shrink the WSS_Content_log File
  31. Launching an application from a link in SharePoint
  32. Case Study Alert: Continental Airlines – Airline Boosts Efficiency, Enhances Revenue with Web Content Management Solution
  33. SharePoint 2007 Disaster Recovery Guide: Acknowledgements – thanks John
  34. Sharepoint Farm – Document Library Returns Incorrect Document Version on One WFE but OK on Another WFE
  35. SharePoint Customization Tricks – Part 1 – Trick #1 : Hiding List View Toolbar Menu Items

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