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Links (1/25/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 25, 2009

  1. **** Microsoft Business Intelligence strategy update and SharePoint – awesome news!
  2. JQuery for Everyone: Replacing [Today]
  3. KPIs for Masses – Part 2 and Part 3
  4. My First Silverlight part 4 – Create the Silverlight application
  5. 10 Ways to a SharePoint Job
  6. Web Part to show upcoming birthdays in SharePoint
  7. Free MOSS Toolbar for the SharePoint Community
  8. SharePoint is getting even more powerful!! Welcome PerformancePoint Services!
  9. Backgroundcolor of the topnav flyouts
  10. FAST and SharePoint 2007
  11. InfoPath and Visual Studio Workflows – 3 Great Tricks (1 of 3)
  12. Integrating Reporting Services 2008 with SharePoint 2007 Step2 – SharePoint Installation
  13. BOOK: MOSS Explained: An Information Workers Deep Dive into MOSS 2007
  14. SharePoint Backgrounds for iPhonej
  15. Send scheduled Reminder/Alerts by email in SharePoint
  16. Copy a SharePoint List
  17. Creating SharePoint global calendar
  18. Creating downloadable calendar item of SPListItem
  19. Learning SharePoint – Part II – extension method, TryGetValue, to get a SPListItem. Been running a similar run for a while too.
  20. What is required for a successful SharePoint Deployment?
  21. ‘How do I’ create an admin layouts page
  22. ‘How do I’ create a long running operation page (gears page)?
  23. ‘How do I’ get redirected to the default Error or Success layouts pages?

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