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Windows Server 2008 Client Issues

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 26, 2009

As most SharePoint developers likely do, I run my SharePoint environments using virtualization software (VMWare Workstation). Last week I was preparing for a demo. I was going to cover Excel Services; therefore, I needed to publish a few Excel spreadsheets. When I brought up the Publish dialog and attempted to specify the document library which will hold my spreadsheets, I would receive errors that the website could not be found. What puzzled me was it worked fine in Windows Server 2003.

Below are a list of similar issues I ran into:

  1. Could not publish an Excel spreadsheet to Excel Services. Received a “Cannot find ‘http://webaddress’. Please check your spelling.” error.
  2. When attempting to view the list in Windows Explorer, I received the error: “Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer”.
  3. When creating a new Word document by clicking the New button in a document library toolbar, after adding text, the document could only be saved to the local file system. If I selected the option to edit the document in Microsoft Word, after making changes, the document would be saved to the SharePoint document library.
  4. When attempting to open a document in Word by specifying a web folder, I would receive the error that it could not be found.

After some research, the issue seemed related to the WebClient service not being started. When I reviewed my services list, I did not even have the WebClient service installed. Reviewing the list of Windows Server 2008 features, I figured the problem was related to the Desktop Experience feature not being installed. After installing the feature, everything worked correctly.

3 Responses to “Windows Server 2008 Client Issues”

  1. […] reason I had the WebClient service enabled was issues I was seeing with Excel Services and not being able to publish from Excel. […]

  2. Rachna said

    thanks a lot!!!! Installing the Desktop Experience feature fixed my issue!!

  3. Saso said

    Man, you saved my friend and me from a complete nervous breakdown!!! 🙂 After 5 days of banging our heads against the wall, I found your solution and everything started to work in 5 minutes…. I can’t even express my gratefulness… If you ever come to Slovenia, I’ll buy you a beer…hell, I’ll buy you a brewery man, hehehe! 🙂

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