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Links (1/29/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 29, 2009

  1. **** SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool
  2. SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1 is released
  3. Interesting SPSite leak pattern
  4. Performance Considerations when using SharePoint Object Model
  5. Creating a Two Tier Global Navigation
  6. SharePoint Adventures – Reading an Excel Spreadsheet From A Stream
  7. Programmatically deleting list items/documents with Recycle Bin support
  8. Download the new, improved, superdouper Quote of the Day Web Part
  9. Writing Object Use to Standard Output
  10. TDD in SharePoint Using DI – Summary
  11. Learning SharePoint Part IV
  12. Dynamically resizing Excel Web Access Web Part by Paul Grenier
  13. How to: Create a Workflow to send a file to the Records Center
  14. Hide #1 tab in Top Navigation (Home)
  15. The Mysteries of the GAC
  16. SharePoint Survey Results
  17. SharePoint Content Query Web Part & filtering on boolean (yes/no) values
  18. Switching View in Browser-Enabled InfoPath Forms
  19. Limitation and Upper boundaries of SharePoint 2007
  20. Get to the on-line SharePoint SDK with one click (MSDN bookmarklet)
  21. Visio diagram and site template from Office Online workflow videos
  22. Let’s discuss about some BDC Web parts !
  23. Getting List Schema and Importing List Items/Documents to SharePoint Remotely
  24. How to use Google Analytics with SharePoint (MOSS 2007)
  25. Configuring Page Sizes and Browser Preview in SharePoint Designer
  26. Collect Data from a User and Set Workflow Variable action in SharePoint Designer
  27. Add a Google Map to SharePoint
  28. Installating SQL Server 2008 samples: Adventure works (Integrating Reporting Services 2008 with SharePoint 2007 Step 5)
  29. Preview Pane in SharePoint list
  30. Internet facing MOSS sites without content deployment

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