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Links (2/8/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 8, 2009

  1. SharePoint Diagnostics Tool v1.0 (SPDiag) Released
  2. Do Not Dispose SPFeatureReceiverProperties.Feature.Parent
  3. OBA Part 2 – Building an Outlook Client against LOB Data
  4. Building a customized document library filtering using content editor webpart and javascript
  5. Downloading files from document library remotely without any OM code
  6. JQuery and SharePoint 2007
  7. Geting SharePoint web service response in DataTable c#
  8. Query whole site collection using SPSiteDataQuery
  9. Simplify reading and writing field values of type SPFieldUser, SPFieldUrl and SPFieldLookup using extension methods
  10. Retrieving SharePoint List Data from Silverlight Without a Custom WCF or ASP.NET Web Service
  11. Best Practices: Agile SharePoint Development with Scrum Slide Deck
  12. A Quicker Way to Create Custom SharePoint List Templates
  13. Adding Custom Properties to SharePoint Features
  14. Why Isn’t InfoPath Retrieving All SharePoint List Items?
  15. SharePoint Customization Tricks: Part III
  16. Sample Event Handler to set Permissions (not using RunWithElevatedPrivilages)
  17. Quick and Easy Data Access with Excel Services
  18. Calling web services in web-enabled InfoPath forms
  19. How does it work: MOSS 2007 User Profile Import
  20. How can adopting Office 2007 help government agencies kick start the economy?
  21. Learn how to integrate PeopleSoft, Outlook and MOSS – OBA Starter Kit
  22. Web Services and SharePoint: How do I do it?
  23. What is SharePoint?
  24. Don’t Return an SPWeb after you’ve disposed the SPSite – another reason to be careful about passing around objects as parameters

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