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Links (2/12/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 12, 2009

  1. Extending the web part framework – part 2
  2. Sales SharePoint Server 2007 Training Resources
  3. Architect SharePoint Server 2007 Training Resources
  4. Implementer SharePoint Server 2007 Training Resources
  5. Developer SharePoint Server 2007 Training Resources
  6. Building a Custom Workflow Initiation Form Using Visual Studio
  7. Analyzing SharePoint Usage
  8. An approach towards implementing information entry forms using Silverlight and SharePoint-Part 2
  9. Best Practices: Test Driven Development with SharePoint Slide Deck
  10. Odd behavior when working with SharePoint’s SPWebConfigModification
  11. Simplifying SharePoint Server Roles
  12. SharePoint + PowerShell
  13. Purging a SharePoint List using Powershell!
  14. Directory Synchronization – Use this tool to synchronize local directory services to Microsoft Online Services
  15. New Update to the MOSS 2007 C# Managed Protocol Handler
  16. Optimizing your very large site for search — Part 4
  17. Installing a Theme as a SharePoint Feature
  18. Difference between workflow created using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio Designer for Windows Workflow Foundation.
  19. Analyzing Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Usage
  20. Microsoft Announces Plans for New FAST Products
  21. Document Archiving Based on Custom Metadata
  22. Notes Migrator for SharePoint 5.1 is now available
  23. SharePoint 2007 tip: use Explorer not the browser to upload documents
  24. Using Workflow Object Model in SharePoint.
  25. Managing Tasks Permissions Programmatically within SharePoint using event reciever or using special permissions property
  26. Create a custom content type to be used with CreateTaskWithContentType activity in SharePoint Workflow
  27. Video: Building A World Class Online Library With SharePoint – MSLibrary
  28. Add a Banner to your SharePoint Site
  29. SharePoint JavaScript utilitiesSPListJS
  30. Creating a Custom Vista Theme for SharePoint
  31. SharePoint Online – A first look
  32. Silverlight SlideShow for SharePoint Picture Libraries
  33. VisiFire Open Source Silverlight Charting in SharePoint
  34. Modifying the second level navigation arrow image
  35. How SharePoint Found Its Content Database
  36. Validating a PeopleEditor Control on PostBack
  37. Taming SharePoint – article on SharePoint
  38. What is the Long Tail of SharePoint Solutions? – Part 2 of 3

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