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Links (2/15/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 15, 2009

  1. SharePoint field objects – classname, name and types
  2. ‘How Do I…BI?’ screencast series
  3. WSS Practice: Upload image to a Pictures Library
  4. Fast access items in an SPListCollection
  5. WSS Practice: Create and Reply to Discussions
  6. WSS Practice: Create a Calendar Event
  7. WSS Practice: Uploading a document
  8. WSS Practice: Attach files to ListItems
  9. WSS Practice: Checking in/out Documents, and Versioning
  10. WSS Practice: Creating and deleting Alerts
  11. WSS Practice: Create a list, columns and view programmatically
  12. Add SPDisposeCheck to VS External Tools
  13. Find Number of Users Currently Logged on to a SharePoint Site
  14. How to: Hide the Actions Menu in SharePoint
  15. Creating a Hello World Connectable Web Parts in SharePoint
  16. Understanding Web Part life cycle
  17. Best Practices slides & TechEd Presentation
  18. More Consulting Secrets They Won’t Tell You
  19. Application Development on SharePoint Online
  20. SharePoint – Add a page directly to a SharePoint site
  21. Attatching a Content DB to a Web Application
  22. Adding BDC Columns to a SharePoint List Programmatically
  23. Creating cross-site lookup field in SharePoint
  24. OBA Part 3 – Storing and Reading Data in Word Documents
  25. Guidance: Troubleshooting Search Propagation
  26. Guidance: User info synch in MOSS 2007
  27. Silverlight, SharePoint, Services…Oh Yeah!!!

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