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Links (2/19/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 19, 2009

  1. JQuery and the Content Editor Web Part
  2. JQuery – A Fresh Look at What YOU Can Do On SharePoint Without Server Code
  3. Faking SPContext
  4. Use case: Integrating SharePoint with LOB applications
  5. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model
  6. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Products and Technologies for Internet Site Development: Site Customization with Silverlight 2.0 (Level 200)
  7. Momentum Webcast: Improving Visibility into Organizational Performance (Part 2 of 4): Delivering Business Intelligence Capabilities Through SharePoint Server (Level 200)
  8. Video: BackSeat Driving – InfoPath
  9. Page hit counter in MOSS
  10. Understanding SharePoint: List Forms
  11. SharePoint QuickLaunchExtender
  12. The SharePoint Implementation Market needs to grow up!
  13. Leveraging the SharePoint Platform (Part 4)
  14. Electronic Forms: InfoPath or ASP.NET?
  15. Forcing Execution of MOSS Timer Jobs
  16. Creating a Wizard-Style Browser-Enabled InfoPath Form
  17. Silverlight Slide Show in SharePoint
  18. Creating custom list from hidden Event content type
  19. Some background about the development of LCM
  20. Creating Debug and Release SharePoint Solution Packages
  21. Content Deployment and CEWP Absolute URLs
  22. SharePoint Size !
  23. How to create custom view pages with a custom web part for the list definition – SharePoint WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007
  24. SharePoint Deployment and Install Guide
  25. Debugging SharePoint solutions using Visual Studio
  26. Making Use of the SharePoint Field Type Editing Controls
  27. SharePoint and TDD – The other view
  28. Integrating a Custom ASP.NET Application into SharePoint (Part 1)
  29. The Wonderful World of KPIs
  30. How To Create Alerts Programmatically
  31. Audio: SharePoint Information Architecture and Visio As Well As Content Editor Webpart Tricks Podcasts
  32. Code sample for a Asynchronous webpart
  33. SharePoint tools support in Visual Studio
  34. SharePoint – InfoPath Workflow And Silverlight Development For SharePoint
  35. Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: part IX – Setup your farm with minimum settings
  36. Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: part X – Install Visual Studio 2008 + VS2008 SP1 + Team Explorer
  37. How to expand InputFormTextBox
  38. Learning SharePoint Part VII – List Pagination
  39. Hide the Sign In link for the anonymous user – SharePoint MOSS
  40. Setting Up a Virtual Lab with Hyper-V
  41. Are SharePoint Developers Better Architects than Architects?
  42. Content Deployment basics Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS)
  43. Workflow and InfoPath Links
  44. Getting Started with SharePoint 2007 Development – Q & A

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