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Links (3/1/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 1, 2009

  1. Using query parameters in SharePoint page layouts
  2. Creating a revolution in SharePoint User Adoption. Which model works: Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin?
  3. Simple way to use LINQ with SharePoint ItemCollections
  4. Starting an incremental crawl in SharePoint programmatically
  5. Running execadmsvcjobs through code
  6. SharePoint security: an alternative way to manage workspace users
  7. How to Use JavaScript to access SharePoint Query String
  8. Using JavaScript to Manipulate a List Form Field
  9. Learn SharePoint Development with USP Journal – looks interesting.
  10. Versioning and Approval Scenarios in SharePoint 2007
  11. Display Video from document library in SharePoint Blogs using Jquery
  12. Everything You Need to Know about BDC: Part 1 of 8 | SharePoint Magazine
  13. Announcing the Facebook Kit for SharePoint!
  14. Installation Instructions, Facebook Kit for SharePoint
  15. Calculated Columns showing URLs
  16. Sample: Open PerformancePoint Planning Assignments from a SharePoint List
  17. Creating a custom Hello World web service in SharePoint
  18. The “Language” of Advanced Search (Part 1)
  19. The “Language” of Advanced Search (Part 2)
  20. Create your own list in SharePoint from a template
  21. Access SharePoint sites from iPhone
  22. Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint – Webcasts
  23. Is it time to apply Feburary Cumulative Update?
  24. Chapter 3: Programming SharePoint Lists and Libraries (SharePoint 2007 and Office Development Expert Solutions)
  25. Make the RSS Feed Viewer Web Part Dynamic Using Filters and Web Part Connections

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