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Links (3/8/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 8, 2009

  1. Customizing Custom Web Part Menu in SharePoint
  2. Reattaching LookupList Property to a new List
  3. Programmatically Convert an InfoPath Form into a PDF
  4. SharePoint Configuration Values Best Practices
  5. Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint – Webcasts
  6. Using JavaScript with SharePoint form fields
  7. Integrating Reporting Services 2008 with SharePoint
  8. Integrating a Custom ASP.NET Application into SharePoint (Part 3)
  9. Twitter Search WebPart
  10. SharePoint Saturday
  11. SPApplicationPool
  12. Using LINQ to XML to query SharePoint lists from WPF and Silverlight without web services
  13. Link the CQWP to another XSL File
  14. SharePoint: Highlight Past Due / Late Tasks in a Task List using JavaScript
  15. Select Multiple List Items in SharePoint Feature
  16. Using Resource Files (.resx) when developing SharePoint solutions
  17. Validating a PeopleEditor Control – Second Attempt
  18. Adding BDC Columns to a SharePoint List Programmatically – working version
  19. Excluding Various SharePoint Items from Search Results on Internet-Facing MOSS Sites
  20. SharePoint User Profiles, My Links and My SharePoint Sites without a personal My Site
  21. Automatic Thumbnail generation in SharePoint
  22. No results are returned when using properties “Created by” and “Last modified by” in SharePoint 2007 advanced search
  24. SharePoint: Annotated Minimal Master Page
  25. Binary Free SharePoint Twitter Search Web Part
  26. Update on jQuery and SharePoint 2007
  27. SharePoint Indexing Performance Tips
  28. My SharePoint developer toolkit
  29. The Accuracy of the SharePoint Search Results Counter
  30. Skype Status Field for SharePoint
  31. SharePoint Analyzer v1.3 Now Available!
  32. The Documents days are Numbered
  33. The days of documents are *not* numbered
  34. Finally Looked at RadEditor…
  35. MOSS AJAX AutoComplete People Search
  36. The SharePoint recycle bin entry that just won’t die
  37. Filtering SharePoint Fields
  38. Code Access Security in SharePoint for Administrators

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