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Simple SharePoint Survey Walkthrough

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 11, 2009

Below are the steps to create a simple SharePoint survey with branching.

  1. Open the site
  2. View all site content
  3. On the “All Site Content” page, click Create
  4. Under Tracking, click the Survey link
  5. Enter name and description. Fill in options to support your implementation. Click Next.
  6. Fill in the first question.
  7. Click Next Question for a new question, else click Finish to quit.
  8. Select Settings-Survey Settings from the toolbar.
  9. If necessary, under General Settings, click Advanced Settings, and make Item-level permission changes. Click OK to save. Click Settings in the breadcrumb to return.
  10. Click “Add a question” link to add additional questions.
  11. Click “Change the order of questions” to change the order.
  12. To set branching, click the question link. Under Branching Logic, set each the possible choices. Note: For branching, be sure to all choices for branching. For example, for a Y/N question, you need to set branching for both Y and N. In the case of “Do you like Kool-Aid?”, if the user selects Y, then branch to “Favorite Kool-Aid Flavor?”, else branch to “Do you like Beer?”.
  13. Example questions and branching:
  • Do you like Water? Y/N (Y and N branch to b)
  • Do you like Kool-Aid? Y/N (Y branch to c, N branches to d
  • Favorite Kool-Aid flavor? Grape, Cherry, Other (All branch to d)
  • Do you like Beer? Y/N (Y branch to e, N branch to f)
  • Favorite Beer flavor? List (All branch to f)
  • Do you like Lemonade? Y/N

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