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Links (3/22/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 22, 2009

  1. Cleaning up your WebPart Gallery
  2. Adding a Read Only Field or Read Only Column to a SharePoint List
  3. Turn off the “Powered by Forms Services” Logo on InfoPath Web Forms
  4. The Simplest Way to Show Page Descriptions in SharePoint Search Results
  5. Why I don’t use OpenWeb()
  6. DUH: Defining a user field which you can select multiple people
  7. Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint (VSeWSS) 1.3 addresses all common SharePoint Developer requests
  8. SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part brings NVelocity, MVC to SharePoint
  9. Post Webcast Wrap Up: Simplified SharePoint Application Development
  10. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model (Update)
  11. SharePoint 101: Full Width Rich Text Editor
  12. Supporting Actual Work and Remaining Work on SharePoint
  13. SharePoint like GridView menu
  14. Working with Structured Data in MOSS 2007 (Part1):Configuring Single Sign On Service and Database
  15. SharePoint: How to Hide Delete Site
  16. SharePoint: Site Title – Change the Font Size, Face or Hide It
  17. SharePoint: Locking a Completed Task
  18. Free Screen-cast Video Demonstrations and Training for SharePoint
  19. p&p Sharepoint guidance v2
  20. The Simplest Way to Show Page Descriptions in SharePoint Search Results

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