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Links (3/26/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 26, 2009


  1. SharePoint Designer Available as Free Download after 4/1/09
  2. SharePoint ULS Logs Flooded with “Preserving template record with size…”
  3. SharePoint Web Part Event Flow in detail
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup and disaster recovery tutorial
  5. Script to Restart SharePoint Services
  6. MOSS as an application platform : an introduction to Oba patterns
  7. Step by step tutorial : using the Content Query Web Part /Enhanced Query Web Part (MOSS 2007)
  8. Is this a new OBA (SharePoint) pattern ? I’ve called it the “Asynchronous Business Task pattern “
  9. Displaying a Shared Calendar Outside of the Site Containing the Calendar List
  10. How to get Central Admin Link from API
  11. ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint Beta released
  12. List columns in a SharePoint content type? How is that possible?
  13. Working with quotes in XSLT
  14. Automatically resizing SharePoint Page Viewer Web Part to its content
  15. Write a SPFieldUser
  16. SharePoint Saturday Atlanta – Registration is Open! – I’ll be speaking at the event
  17. SharePoint Best Practice: Manage CSS updates in MOSS2007
  18. Multi-column Layout in SharePoint using a single Layout Page
  19. The Missing “Change Item Order” menu
  20. InfoPath: Active Directory Template Part
  21. Increase file upload size.. Don’t forget IIS timeouts..
  22. Having fun with the SharePoint Welcome.ascx control
  23. Creating tabbed windows in SharePoint with jQuery
  24. Using SPGridView to bound to list data in SharePoint
  25. Gridview SelectedIndexChanged Showing no Data
  26. Extending CQWP by doing a bottom-up aggregation
  27. Provisioning Publishing Pages using Features declarative markup
  28. Consuming SharePoint Lists via AJAX
  29. Question: Why are there always two constructors in a SharePoint custom field type class?
  30. Working with Structured Data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Part2): Exposing LOB Data
  31. Anonymous Application Pages
  32. SharePoint development toolbox
  33. SharePoint Calendar STYLED!
  34. Linking list data and summing over it with XSL and the Dataview Web Part
  35. Referencing Javascript files in Web Parts
  36. SharePoint lookup to document library can’t see all documents, or only sees documents of a certain file type (Word, Powerpoint, etc.)
  37. Kirk Evans Presents Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint
  38. Custom Date Formats in SharePoint XSL
  39. Inserting and Removing ListItems in DropDownList using JavaScript
  40. Customizing Small Search Box
  41. JQuery Accessing the Client Generated ID of ASP.NET Controls


  1. How to Freeze Part of Your Word Document
  2. Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Outlook Web Access Customization: Part 2, UIExtensions.xml
  3. Analyzing Data: Functions or PivotTables

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