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Links (4/30/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 30, 2009


  1. How to Write An SPQuery Using Multiple AND OR Operators
  2. THE BI Blog : Top 10 demos for Microsoft BI
  3. Silverlight: The easiest method to get SharePoint list data
  4. Multiple SPListItemCollection Query With SPFieldLookupValue
  5. ItemUpdated event happening twice when you force Check Out option
  6. SharePoint for Developers Part 3 – Expression Blend and Silverlight
  7. SharePoint for Developers Part 4 – Consuming SharePoint Web Services from Silverlight
  8. SharePoint for Developers Part 5 – Columns, Content Types, and Lists
  9. SharePoint for Developers Part 6 – Custom web services
  10. Programmatically creating and assigning a SharePoint task
  11. Top 6 new STSADM operations in SharePoint 2007 SP2
  12. Copy listitems from one custom list to another, then move them into subfolders.
  13. IronPython – SharePoint programming for the rest of us
  14. Working with Structured Data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Part3): Browser Enabled InfoPath Forms
  15. Announcing Service Pack 2 for Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  16. SharePoint JavaScript Functions Overview
  17. Using LINQ to parse XML data coming back from SharePoint web services
  18. Enterprise approach to Web 2.0 in Government
  19. Using XSLT to Create a Forms Server Link on a Task Form
  20. How to move a site in SharePoint, Let me count the ways
  21. Understanding Application Pages and Site Pages
  22. Moving files from the 12 hive to the Style Library
  23. WSS Custom Search
  24. Security in SharePoint application pages: Choose the right base class for your pages
  25. Quick tip: how-to delete referenced pages in SharePoint
  26. Customize SharePoint Team Site Home Page
  27. Install Guide: SP2 for SharePoint (WSS v3 and MOSS 2007)
  28. Say hello to SharePoint STSAdm preupgradecheck command
  29. Who says you need MOSS to do a decent public facing website?
  30. Assembly free Twitter-like solution for SharePoint
  31. FAST search engine for SharePoint PART 2 (Overview of FAST)
  32. Free MOSS Toolbar for the SharePoint Community
  33. jQuery and SharePoint – Hiding Welcome Menu Items
  34. SharePoint guidance v2 – drop 8


  1. OpenDocument comes to Microsoft Word and Excel
  2. Story of wrong content type and InfoPath publishing location
  3. Using multiple Contact Selector controls in a single InfoPath form
  4. Run Multiple Copies of Outlook
  5. My New Favorite Tool: OneNote
  6. Working with ODF in Word 2007 SP2

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Links (4/26/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 26, 2009

  1. **** SharePoint (WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007) SDK Updated April 2009 (v1.5)
  2. **** About custom Timer Jobs and SPJobLockTypes
  3. Feature Receivers and SPContext.Current and SPFeatureReceiverProperties
  4. Custom Property Builders for SharePoint
  5. Generating tag cloud using the Content Query Web Part
  6. Getting Started with SharePoint PowerWebPart 3.0
  7. SharePoint Active Directory Based Redirect Web Part
  8. Web Part to show upcoming birthdays in SharePoint V2.0 – contains hotfix link for “Access Denied. Only an administrator may enumerate through all user profiles.” error
  9. How to Total Calculated Columns in a SharePoint List
  10. Twitter for SharePoint?
  11. Sample App Download: Taking Assembly Free Solutions to the Next Level
  12. TunnelPoint: A BDC for SharePoint in the Cloud
  13. Changing Passwords for MOSS Identities
  14. Excel Services Getting Started – Pt2 UDFs
  15. How to… Use the Data View Web Part for Advanced List

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Links (4/23/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 23, 2009


  1. How do I troubleshoot SharePoint? So many logs!
  2. Using Log Parser with SharePoint
  3. HOW TO: Enhance SharePoint User Profiles With The Business Data Catalog
  4. FAST ESP: Different ways to retrieve Content
  5. How-to implement SharePoint tabs with jQuery (screencast)
  6. Fix to my Config Store framework and list provisioning tips
  7. Search on Last Modified By field in Sharepoint not working by default – ran into the same issue myself on the last project
  8. 23/4 2do Simposio de SharePoint en Mexico! – Joel is going to Mexico
  9. Sharepoint lists stop receiving emails
  10. Lessons Learned From Making SharePoint Recommendations
  11. Tweets in SharePoint – Part 2
  12. Tweets in SharePoint – Part 3
  13. OBA Part 5 – Building the SharePoint 2007 Workflow
  14. How-To: Adding WebParts programmatically to a WebPartZone
  15. Putting CEWP into a page in ONET.XML
  16. Putting Custom Web Parts in ONET.xml
  17. Understanding Custom List Definitions in SharePoint.
  18. Solving the Dashboard Dilemma – Choosing the Right BI Tools for your Job
  19. Excel Services Setup and Getting Started
  20. SharePoint CopyIntoItems and Setting a Document Content Type
  21. Tweets In SharePoint
  22. DownloadAsZip SharePoint Feature RTW
  23. A Hidden Gem – the Preview Pane View in SharePoint
  24. Creating Custom Toolbar and ToolBarbutton
  25. Storage Space Allocation Reports
  26. SharePoint calculated column and jQuery Highlight row
  27. SharePoint “How To” Videos on TechNet – Done by “Our” very own Hilton Giesenow
  28. Sending InfoPath Forms to the Records Center in MOSS 2007
  29. Generating short description using the Content Query Web Part
  30. jQuery and SharePoint – Hiding Welcome Menu Items
  31. Top 10 demos for Microsoft BI
  32. SPFieldLookupValue and SPFieldLookupValueCollection
  33. Add captions below images in Sharepoint using jQuery
  34. Newsticker Web Part for SharePoint
  35. SPVisualDev – A must have tool for SharePoint devs
  36. More great Unit Testing SharePoint Examples
  37. ContentTypeRef vs ContentTypeBinding
  38. SharePoint Virtualization Survey – preliminary results


  1. Removing Comments from Excel and PowerPoint Files

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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta Presentation

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 20, 2009

Last weekend I presented at SharePoint Saturday in Atlanta. My talk was building custom timer jobs. Good turnout and questions. Thank you if you attended. I plan on writing more on the event in a separate post but I promised I would upload my deck. The link is below.

Custom Timer Job Presentation Link

Update 1: I am still in the process of uploading the code. I will update this post when that is complete.

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Links (4/19/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 19, 2009


  1. Image Annotation WebPart – Proof of concept
  2. Inconvenient programmatically provisioning Web Part instances
  3. Building a Demo VM in a Highly Scripted Way
  4. Migration from Microsoft Access to SharePoint
  5. How to: Upload a file/document using the SharePoint Object Model
  6. How to: Programmatically remove a Field (SPField) from a view (SPView)
  7. Adding Breadcrumb Navigation for SharePoint Application Pages Programmatically
  8. WSPBuilder supports Windows Server 2008
  9. How to Handle / prevent List deletion from site
  10. Using the XML Web Part to show your Twitter feed in SharePoint
  11. Building public-facing websites using SharePoint 2007: custom branding and development
  12. Putting actions into the PlaceHolderLeftActions
  13. 3 Key Questions for Enterprise Archiving Vendors
  14. Creating Custom Tool Part
  15. Declaratively Point a Site Collection at a Search Center
  16. ItemUpdated event happening twice when you force Check Out option in Document Library
  17. Exporting SharePoint List data to SQL Server Database
  18. Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: Synthesis
  19. SharePoint (Performance, Stress ) Load Testing
  20. SharePoint Quick Start FAQ Part 6 – Workflows, Workflows and Workflows
  21. SharePoint: The security validation for this page is invalid
  22. Web Slices and SharePoint


  1. Bending the Ribbon to your will…
  2. Modifying Conditional Formatting Color Ranges in Excel 2007
  3. Launching a website from a button in Office

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Links (4/16/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 16, 2009


  1. Inconvenient programmatically working with SharePoint users (SPWeb.EnsureUser)
  2. Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SQL Server 2008 – Better Together!
  3. Fixing MOSS Search
  4. Call for Speakers – SharePoint Saturday Chicago – June 13, 2009 – I put my name into the hat
  5. Microsoft Update Product Team Blog : Service Pack 2 for 2007 Microsoft Office System due April 28th
  6. SharePoint 2007 Service Pack 2 Required for 2010 Upgrade
  7. SharePoint Server 2010 Naming is Official
  8. Programmatically create and configure Mail Enabled lists
  9. Custom Field Type Properties in SharePoint : Buggy or Not?
  10. SharePoint Field Names have 32 Character Limit – So Do Replicated Profile Property Names
  11. Troubleshooting the SharePoint “File not found” Error
  12. Released: SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part 1.0.9104.2
  13. Walking the SharePoint Object Model
  14. Want a color coded SharePoint calendar?
  15. Hide the column header in web parts
  16. How to Retain/Preserve “Modified By” while checking in a file
  17. Change URL for a Document Library
  18. SharePoint: Customizing standard forms
  19. “Title” field issue with Document Information Panel
  20. Office release date for WSS 3.0/MOSS Service Pack 2 has been announced
  21. SharePoint Data Zoom: Handling Complex List Field Types
  22. Forcing InfoPath forms to load in web browser view from form library web parts
  23. Alternative to using a CEWP to “embed” videos in SharePoint list items
  24. Programmatically configure the Small Search Box to show scopes
  25. Video: BackSeat Driving With Michael – OneNote And SharePoint
  26. Contains Operator disappeared from Advanced Search
  27. Increase SharePoint Execution Timeout
  28. Silverlight and SharePoint Made Real…
  29. SPSource Webcast: Reverse engineer Lists to ListTemplates and much more
  30. Imtech SharePoint Gems: SPUrlExpressionBuilder
  31. Customize Look And Feel With Calculated Columns
  32. Format the Date field on SharePoint Layout Pages
  33. Wiki-in-the-Box – Is SharePoint Wiki Really that Bad?
  34. 8 Steps to create workflows using SharePoint designer
  35. Automating Word to PDF Conversion in SharePoint
  36. SharePoint 2007: Update system properties (Created, Created By, Modified, Modified By)


  1. How to merge two or more Word 2003 or Word 2007 XML documents into one Word 2007 XML document.

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The file ‘xxx’ is checked out or locked for editing by someone else

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 16, 2009

I have been building out a POC for a future project. To expedite feedback, the client asked for us to record the end-user experience. One of the areas I wanted to focus on was the process of collaborating on documents. This includes:

  1. Content approval
  2. Major versions
  3. Require check out before editing

After setting these options in Actions > Document Library Settings > Versioning settings, I also wanted to demonstrate the process of checking out a document, editing the spreadsheet in Excel, checking the document back into SharePoint. The client is also interested in saving the files to the local drafts folder so work can be done offline. Easy enough. I then went through the following process:

  1. Opened the site
  2. For the desired file, selected “Edit in Microsoft Office Excel” from the ECB.
  3. Entered my credentials in Excel.
  4. Made desired changes to spreadsheet.
  5. Saved spreadsheet.
  6. Closed spreadsheet and was prompted to check the document in. Selected Yes.
  7. Entered a version comment and WHAM!!!, I received the following error.


Now this is confusing to me. I logged in as user1 into SharePoint and entered user1’s credentials into Excel when prompted. So it thinks it is checked out to someone else. Very interesting.

I proceeded to discard the checkout and try again but was met with the same error. I was testing the process in my VM (Windows Server 2008) so I switched over to my host (Windows 7) and ran through the same process (calling into my VM). It worked!!! So what is different?

  1. Operating systems are different. Duh.
  2. They are both running IE 8.
  3. The IE8 settings are the same.
  4. Could it be a service difference? Compared services and saw one difference. The Windows Server 2008 client had the WebClient service enabled and the Window 7 client did not. Hmmm. I disabled the service and ran through the process. It now works!!!!

A few notes:

  1. The reason I had the WebClient service enabled was issues I was seeing with Excel Services and not being able to publish from Excel. Sigh.
  2. I was running into an issue a few weeks ago where my SPD workflow would not start when an item was created or changed. I was using IE7 at the time and upgraded to IE8 and the problem went away. It did work in Firefox 3.0 and IE6 (through IETester). Not sure if it was related or now.
  3. I am still running into issues where if I don’t check the document in through Excel, when I attempt to check the document in through the SharePoint UI, I receive the error “This document was checked out to your local drafts folder but the local copy could not be checked in to the site.”. (see full error below)




Guess it’s the price you pay for developing in a Server OS.

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Links (4/12/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 12, 2009


  1. Creating List Items with jQuery and the SharePoint Web Services
  2. Programmatically using OOTB SharePoint Error Handling
  3. Wiring Your SharePoint Custom Applications to Log Errors
  4. Program to interface… in SharePoint
  5. Grouping pages on Date in SharePoint using XSL
  6. Using the Data View Web Part to search a SharePoint List
  7. Custom Lookup Field Definitions: writing code to perform the wire-up
  8. Content Type Definitions: RemoveFieldRef ID’s are case sensitive
  9. Call for Speakers – SharePoint Saturday Chicago – June 13, 2009
  10. IA and Branding Process Presentation [Video]
  11. Updated Release: No SPD Web Feature (Apr 10, 2009)
  12. How to move TFS content from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007
  13. How to force a wordbreaker to be used in Sharepoint Search


  1. “Excel 2007 – Getting External Data”

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SharePoint Saturday Atlanta Reminder

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 9, 2009

A quick reminder that the SharePoint Saturday Atlanta event is almost here! The free, all-day event will take place on 4/18 at the Microsoft Office on Sanctuary Pkwy in Alpharetta, GA.

Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for ‘SharePoint Saturday’ event.  SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics.  SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!

This is an excellent opportunity to spend the day with SharePoint. If you are a SharePoint veteran or interested in exploring SharePoint, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more on SharePoint. There will be many sessions which cover all spectrums. Sessions are broken out by IT Pro, Developer, Architect, Designer, End-User, and Business. There will be many SharePoint MVPs and other SharePoint professionals speaking and in attendance. Come see why the SharePoint community is so incredible to work with.

The registration link is: https://www.clicktoattend.com/invitation.aspx?code=136991

Hope to see you there.

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Links (4/9/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 9, 2009


  1. **** Calling the SharePoint Web Services with jQuery
  2. **** Server and Site Architecture: Object Model Overview – nice dialog
  3. **** Debunking SharePoint Performance Myths
  4. SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part Released
  5. SharePoint Data Zoom: What the heck is NVelocity and why should you care?
  6. Best Practices for LARGE SharePoint Lists and Documents Libraries
  7. Sharing the Glow – Using TextGlow to display Word documents on SharePoint
  8. Grouping pages on Date in SharePoint using XSL
  9. SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 – Building the framework
  10. How to Setup a SharePoint Development Environment
  11. IA and Design Process Presentation Download!
  12. Content Approval Statuses
  13. SPTraceView utility – Hristo is looking for someone to take over the project
  14. SharePoint of the Day #5 – keyboard shortcuts
  15. Hiding Contextual Search Scopes in SharePoint using JavaScript
  16. SharePoint: How to find DispForm.aspx toolbar
  17. Highlighting tabs in the top navigation
  18. SharePoint Saturday Atlanta – Sessions Posted
  19. 5 files you should know in the SharePoint 12-hive
  20. How to create a browser cache save URL to a javascript or css file in SharePoint
  21. Review: Five Ways SharePoint Can Save You Money
  22. Subfolders in a Pages library not supported
  23. WSPBuilder – Walkthrough of the Visual Studio Add-in
  24. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Customization Tool
  25. EventHandler which sends an Email for new/changed items
  26. Embedding Ajax Control ToolKit into SharePoint 2007: Accordion Sample Web Part
  27. No SharePoint Designer – Release: No SPD HTTP Handler
  28. Why IE8 will kill my SharePoint Development Experience – I have little success with IE8 and SharePoint
  29. SharePoint Customization, Development and Governance
  30. DataFormWebPart Parameters and ParameterBindings
  31. Changing the SharePoint Welcome Page through code
  32. Customizing SharePoint Context Menus
  33. Branding SharePoint Drop Downs
  34. Developer Best Practices
  35. SharePoint Folders Need More Love


  1. How to Emulate User Roles in InfoPath Forms Services to Automatically Switch Views

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Links (4/5/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 5, 2009


  1. Using the standard SharePoint List & Site Picker in your WebPart’s configuration / –ToolPart
  2. SharePoint : Finding a stsadm option
  3. Creating ECB menu for specific list or document library
  4. Reusable content in MOSS
  5. Images in View Headers
  6. Programmatically disable page layouts
  7. Is Null Filter Condition for List Views
  8. Help My Custom Theme Won’t Update!
  9. Using the Ajax Control Toolkit Rating Control in SharePoint – a real-life example
  10. WebParts and Audiences – Part 1: Show or hide a Web Part based on audiences
  11. WebParts and Audiences – Part 2: Create a custom ToolPart/EditorPart to configure audiences for your custom WebPart
  12. MOSS: The “Modified by” field in workflow always show the Users Account information (DOMAIN\UserAccount), but not the user Preferred Name (User Name Eg. James Smith).
  13. Office Communications Online enabled in international trial for BPOS


  1. Word 2007, the Document Management Panel and SharePoint
  2. How to use Qdabra’s InfoPath to SharePoint List Tool

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Cincinnati SharePoint Jobs: Meridian Bioscience

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 3, 2009

Meridian Bioscience has a full-time SharePoint position open.

The Application Analyst position is an essential role in the development and maintenance of corporate information systems. This role will directly support the information systems within Meridian Bioscience Corporate Headquarters and assist in the support of the information systems within Meridian Life Science divisions. The analyst will provide/coordinate technical support of the design, development, installation, operation, modification, and maintenance activities of Meridian’s computerized information systems.

  1. Job search link
  2. Enter "SharePoint” for search word (without quotes)
  3. Click Search button

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Links (4/2/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!


  1. Beware of SPList.Items.Add()
  2. Changing the behavior of the Close button in SharePoint
  3. Video: SharePoint Designer 2007 (April 2009 Announcement)
  4. 22+ tipps for SharePoint Designer – now a free tool
  5. User Profile redirect on SharePoint
  6. Virtual Earth API 6.2 with SharePoint
  7. Accessing User Profiles in MOSS 2007
  8. Advanced Computed Field
  9. Introducing the “DR.DADA” Approach to SharePoint Development
  10. Out-of-Box Publishing Page layouts suck too
  11. Inadequate Resources to Support the Implementation – Part4: “SharePoint Administrators are NOT Superheroes!”
  12. SharePoint Designer 2007 Dataview Demo 1 Aufgabenlisten zusammenfassen
  13. SharePoint Designer 2007 Dataview Demo 2 Datenvisualisierung
  14. SharePoint Designer 2007 Dataview Demo 3 WebContentManagement light
  15. SharePoint Designer 2007 Dataview Demo 4 Visualisierung mit Virtual Earth
  16. Add SharePoint groups
  17. Configuring SharePoint 2007 for Optimal Performance
  18. Application Pages and choosing the right master page
  19. Extraneous SharePoint Assemblies
  20. Issue with SharePoint designer workflow to start under System Account
  21. Breaking the WSS Top Link Bar in two with jQuery
  22. Splitting the top navigation in two
  23. Enumerating SharePoint User Profiles – Access Denied Exception
  24. Retrieving SharePoint List Data using CAML
  25. How to format the columns in a List View?
  26. Print selected Web content
  27. WMIC KEY MOUSharePoint
  28. Case Study: How We Did It: LearningPoint for SharePoint
  29. Architectural Patterns for Silverlight-on-SharePoint
  30. Inconvenient programmatically exporting Web Parts
  31. Remove HTML markup in Content Query Web Part
  32. Integrating a Custom ASP.NET Application into SharePoint (Part 4)
  33. Programmatically create pages – and Add Web Parts
  34. Ten Cool Branded SharePoint Global Internet Sites You Can RAVE About!
  35. SharePoint Designer – A definite Maybe
  36. SharePoint Designer – More than a Maybe
  37. “I Need To…” Display a List of Documents
  38. I Love the SiteData.asmx Web Service
  39. Performance Point integration with SharePoint
  40. How to Fix PWA Reminders web part in MOSS


  1. MS Word 2007: working with bookmarks (VSTO)
  2. Making Rich TextBoxes work in web enabled InfoPath forms
  3. A really great tip to make getting information into OneNote much easier

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SharePoint Designer is Now Free

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 2, 2009

SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2007 IS NOW FREE! Be sure to watch the video in the "Related Resources" below to learn more about details and future direction. Office SharePoint Designer 2007 provides the powerful tools you need to deliver compelling and attractive SharePoint sites and quickly build workflow-enabled applications and reporting tools on the SharePoint platform, all in an IT-managed environment.


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