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Links (4/9/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 9, 2009


  1. **** Calling the SharePoint Web Services with jQuery
  2. **** Server and Site Architecture: Object Model Overview – nice dialog
  3. **** Debunking SharePoint Performance Myths
  4. SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part Released
  5. SharePoint Data Zoom: What the heck is NVelocity and why should you care?
  6. Best Practices for LARGE SharePoint Lists and Documents Libraries
  7. Sharing the Glow – Using TextGlow to display Word documents on SharePoint
  8. Grouping pages on Date in SharePoint using XSL
  9. SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 – Building the framework
  10. How to Setup a SharePoint Development Environment
  11. IA and Design Process Presentation Download!
  12. Content Approval Statuses
  13. SPTraceView utility – Hristo is looking for someone to take over the project
  14. SharePoint of the Day #5 – keyboard shortcuts
  15. Hiding Contextual Search Scopes in SharePoint using JavaScript
  16. SharePoint: How to find DispForm.aspx toolbar
  17. Highlighting tabs in the top navigation
  18. SharePoint Saturday Atlanta – Sessions Posted
  19. 5 files you should know in the SharePoint 12-hive
  20. How to create a browser cache save URL to a javascript or css file in SharePoint
  21. Review: Five Ways SharePoint Can Save You Money
  22. Subfolders in a Pages library not supported
  23. WSPBuilder – Walkthrough of the Visual Studio Add-in
  24. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Customization Tool
  25. EventHandler which sends an Email for new/changed items
  26. Embedding Ajax Control ToolKit into SharePoint 2007: Accordion Sample Web Part
  27. No SharePoint Designer – Release: No SPD HTTP Handler
  28. Why IE8 will kill my SharePoint Development Experience – I have little success with IE8 and SharePoint
  29. SharePoint Customization, Development and Governance
  30. DataFormWebPart Parameters and ParameterBindings
  31. Changing the SharePoint Welcome Page through code
  32. Customizing SharePoint Context Menus
  33. Branding SharePoint Drop Downs
  34. Developer Best Practices
  35. SharePoint Folders Need More Love


  1. How to Emulate User Roles in InfoPath Forms Services to Automatically Switch Views

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