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Links (4/19/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 19, 2009


  1. Image Annotation WebPart – Proof of concept
  2. Inconvenient programmatically provisioning Web Part instances
  3. Building a Demo VM in a Highly Scripted Way
  4. Migration from Microsoft Access to SharePoint
  5. How to: Upload a file/document using the SharePoint Object Model
  6. How to: Programmatically remove a Field (SPField) from a view (SPView)
  7. Adding Breadcrumb Navigation for SharePoint Application Pages Programmatically
  8. WSPBuilder supports Windows Server 2008
  9. How to Handle / prevent List deletion from site
  10. Using the XML Web Part to show your Twitter feed in SharePoint
  11. Building public-facing websites using SharePoint 2007: custom branding and development
  12. Putting actions into the PlaceHolderLeftActions
  13. 3 Key Questions for Enterprise Archiving Vendors
  14. Creating Custom Tool Part
  15. Declaratively Point a Site Collection at a Search Center
  16. ItemUpdated event happening twice when you force Check Out option in Document Library
  17. Exporting SharePoint List data to SQL Server Database
  18. Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: Synthesis
  19. SharePoint (Performance, Stress ) Load Testing
  20. SharePoint Quick Start FAQ Part 6 – Workflows, Workflows and Workflows
  21. SharePoint: The security validation for this page is invalid
  22. Web Slices and SharePoint


  1. Bending the Ribbon to your will…
  2. Modifying Conditional Formatting Color Ranges in Excel 2007
  3. Launching a website from a button in Office

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