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Links (4/23/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 23, 2009


  1. How do I troubleshoot SharePoint? So many logs!
  2. Using Log Parser with SharePoint
  3. HOW TO: Enhance SharePoint User Profiles With The Business Data Catalog
  4. FAST ESP: Different ways to retrieve Content
  5. How-to implement SharePoint tabs with jQuery (screencast)
  6. Fix to my Config Store framework and list provisioning tips
  7. Search on Last Modified By field in Sharepoint not working by default – ran into the same issue myself on the last project
  8. 23/4 2do Simposio de SharePoint en Mexico! – Joel is going to Mexico
  9. Sharepoint lists stop receiving emails
  10. Lessons Learned From Making SharePoint Recommendations
  11. Tweets in SharePoint – Part 2
  12. Tweets in SharePoint – Part 3
  13. OBA Part 5 – Building the SharePoint 2007 Workflow
  14. How-To: Adding WebParts programmatically to a WebPartZone
  15. Putting CEWP into a page in ONET.XML
  16. Putting Custom Web Parts in ONET.xml
  17. Understanding Custom List Definitions in SharePoint.
  18. Solving the Dashboard Dilemma – Choosing the Right BI Tools for your Job
  19. Excel Services Setup and Getting Started
  20. SharePoint CopyIntoItems and Setting a Document Content Type
  21. Tweets In SharePoint
  22. DownloadAsZip SharePoint Feature RTW
  23. A Hidden Gem – the Preview Pane View in SharePoint
  24. Creating Custom Toolbar and ToolBarbutton
  25. Storage Space Allocation Reports
  26. SharePoint calculated column and jQuery Highlight row
  27. SharePoint “How To” Videos on TechNet – Done by “Our” very own Hilton Giesenow
  28. Sending InfoPath Forms to the Records Center in MOSS 2007
  29. Generating short description using the Content Query Web Part
  30. jQuery and SharePoint – Hiding Welcome Menu Items
  31. Top 10 demos for Microsoft BI
  32. SPFieldLookupValue and SPFieldLookupValueCollection
  33. Add captions below images in Sharepoint using jQuery
  34. Newsticker Web Part for SharePoint
  35. SPVisualDev – A must have tool for SharePoint devs
  36. More great Unit Testing SharePoint Examples
  37. ContentTypeRef vs ContentTypeBinding
  38. SharePoint Virtualization Survey – preliminary results


  1. Removing Comments from Excel and PowerPoint Files

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