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Links (5/3/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 3, 2009


  1. Join SharePoint Lists with LINQ
  2. Creating and Working with SharePoint Timer Job Definitions
  3. Where is My Timer Job?
  4. Building Excel 2007 and Excel Services Dashboards by Consuming Two-Dimensional Data from Web Services
  5. Getting XML Data From a SharePoint List – The Easy Way
  6. Inconvenient opening sites – SPSite.OpenWeb()
  7. Developing for Office and SharePoint Server 2010 (Christin Boyd)
  8. Building a MOSS Workflow with Visual Studio 2008 and InfoPath
  9. SharePoint SDK 1.5 (April 2009) Released!
  10. Why SharePoint Projects Fail
  11. Extracting a WSP file from a SharePoint farm
  12. Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Products and Technologies (white papers)
  13. Set SharePoint navigation tree to only expand to the current node
  14. Background jobs will not always work against Forms Based Authentication configured servers
  15. MOSS2007 – Using the Search API (Part 1)
  16. New in SP2 PreUpgradeCheck
  17. XSLT converted Web Part (list view) breaks Item level permission as per the UI
  18. Howto disable autocomplete for an entire SharePoint farm
  19. Red is Green, Up is Down and the Unsupported suddenly becomes Supported!
  20. Error Importing Sites with Calculated Columns


  1. Using the Contact Selector Control in InfoPath Forms
  2. More details on OneNote 2007 SP2 – Full change list

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