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Links (5/14/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 14, 2009


  1. Pointing the ListViewWebPart at a particular view
  2. Sort SPFolder in SharePoint
  3. SharePoint: SPList.HasView() extension method
  4. SPQuery Value Type Lookup Fails on Indexed Columns
  5. SharePoint Search Results: Adding a link to the view properties page of a document
  6. Steps to get the Reporting Services SharePoint Add-on Installed
  7. Custom Timer Job in SharePoint
  8. Workarounds for ItemAdding/ItemAdded Event Handlers
  9. The impact of browser speed on your SharePoint app
  10. SharePoint Saturday Chicago – June 13th
  11. MOSS 2007 – create your own customized usage report solution step by step
  12. SharePoint Development MVP Panel Discussion Review
  13. Figuring out a alternative to Cross-Site Lookups
  14. SharePoint guidance v2 – drop 9
  15. How to Disable Property Promotion In WSS
  16. Update on SharePoint forms based authentication(FBA) and Office client
  17. How to Configure SharePoint Treasure (Synonym) In MOSS 2007
  18. SharePoint is not a Database!
  19. SharePoint and Silverlight – Displaying Silverlight in a Page
  20. Enumerate Role Assignments to retrieve Groups and Users Permissions – Generating a complete report
  21. Add Alerts to All Sites
  22. Using Word QuickParts to Enter Metadata for SharePoint
  23. JQuery for Everyone: Accordion Left-nav with Cookies Speed Test
  24. Code Console Web Part
  25. Pointing ListViewWebParts at lists
  26. April Cumulative Update Packages Ready for Download
  27. SharePoint Cumulative Update Packages (April 09)
  28. Data View Web Part (DVWP) Series
  29. SharePoint for Developers Tour Part II
  30. Application Pages like a Site’s Pages
  31. UpdateListItems vs ProcessBatchData to create Folders


  1. InfoPath 2007 to PDF Conversion: So Groovy!
  2. Part 1. VSTO Bug Tracker : The Data
  3. Part 2. VSTO Bug Tracker : The Web Service
  4. Part 3. VSTO Bug Tracker : A UDF
  5. Part 4. VSTO Bug Tracker : Getting the data into Excel
  6. Part 5. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using Cached Data
  7. Part 6. VSTO Bug Tracker: Word Report Generation
  8. Part 7. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using Document-Level Features in Add-Ins
  9. Part 8. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using a Ribbon

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