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Links (5/21/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 21, 2009


  1. Excel Services Getting Started – Pt4 Web Service APIs
  2. Introducing SharePoint Extensions Lib – Great idea. I have a few extensions I could pass along as well.
  3. Determine the URL of SharePoint Web Services using jQuery/Javascript
  4. How to programmatically complete Approval workflow task
  5. Developing SharePoint WebParts using User Controls and Web Applications
  6. Tip: The untold story of Audit Logs in SharePoint
  7. Applications Can’t Use SharePoint Master Pages
  8. MOSS: Using the List Web Service to Rename a File
  9. Making SharePoint Title a Calculated Column
  10. Getting SharePoint Site/Web Context in a Console Application
  11. Common Problem MySite and MyLinks don’t show up
  12. Running a WCF service in the context of a particular SharePoint 2007 web (or subweb)
  13. Customizing the AssetUrlSelector
  14. Multi-Value Columns in SharePoint Designer – Solution #1
  15. 22 Minute Screencast: SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 3
  16. Guest Blog by FiveSix Consulting’s Tamara Austerlade – 6 Tips for a Successful SharePoint Demo
  17. Simplified People and Groups pages in SharePoint
  18. Use jQuery to populate and hide fields in an EditForm.aspx
  19. Show Site, List or Item information on Pages
  20. Rich Text Fields in SharePoint Document and Picture Libraries
  21. SharePoint on the iPhone?
  22. Exposing Enterprise Search in SharePoint Server 2007 by using Internet Explorer 7 and the Office Research Pane
  23. Customize SharePoint RSS Feeds
  24. Usenet Newsgroup Browser in SharePoint
  25. SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers
  26. How to configure the SharePoint people picker to search for users in other domains
  27. TDD with SharePoint – the best movie ever
  28. SPWebConfigModification adds the entry in web.config, but does not remove it
  29. Optimizing SharePoint SQL Databases and Top Performance Killers
  30. Multi-Source Search in SharePoint
  31. SharePoint Groups vs. Active Directory Groups
  32. New version of our “Assembly free” Timesheet Application


  1. Top tips for using Office 2007 on your netbook

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