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Links (5/28/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 28, 2009

  1. Check that a user has a SharePoint MySite
  2. Create MySites using C# and the SharePoint 2007 object model
  3. How to redirect on new Page at Item Deleting in SharePoint ECB Menu?
  4. Render the all the column of links list through BaseFieldControl
  5. Clean up SharePoint’s UI with jQuery
  6. Data View Web Part, The Basics – Keep it Clean
  7. Data View Web Part, The Basics – Multiple Edit Forms
  8. SharePoint can have Wildcard searching…
  9. Using jQuery to Display Image Thumbnails in a Document Library
  10. Be Careful Using PublishingWeb.GetPagesListName()
  11. Creating Lists using SharePoint Object Model
  12. SPWebConfigModification Works Fine
  13. Control the Content Types in the New menu via code
  14. How to set the Outcome/Workflow Status column to Approved or Rejected while using the SpWorkflowTask.AlterTask API to alter the tasks programmatically?
  15. Custom Field Controls in Data Form webpart does not save data in Database
  16. Synchronize with SharePoint under the hood
  17. TunnelPoint and ProduShare
  18. Top Blogger Web Part – No code required
  19. You Can Pry SharePoint Designer From My Cold, Dead Hands
  20. Silverlight Video: MOSS and OpenText Deployment Overview
  21. Secondary Workflow Example in SharePoint Designer
  22. An Alternative for the Modal Popup in SharePoint 2007
  23. Populating the BDC Field of a SPListItem from client application
  24. Custom Bound Fields in FieldGroup
  25. HOW TO : Customize the Enterprise Search in MOSS 2007
  26. Results from the SharePoint Implementation Approach Survey

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