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Links (6/7/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 7, 2009

  1. Customising Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and Discussion Boards
  2. SPLimitedWebPartManager.AddWebPart Mysteriously Increments zoneIndex
  3. Case Study: Dynamic Charts in SharePoint, No Code Required!
  4. Bigger SharePoint Templates
  5. Developing Sequential Workflows for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
  6. jQuery for Everyone: “Read More…” On a Blog Site
  7. SharePoint Branding Build Test Checklist
  8. Debugging your code execution for anonymous users in SharePoint
  9. TechNet Launches New Interactive Silverlight Application for STSADM Technical Reference
  10. FeatureDeactivating does not remove the EventReceivers
  11. Add Web Parts to DispForm, EditForm or NewForm.aspx
  12. WCF and SharePoint: context != context
  13. SharePoint Performance, Stress or Load Testing
  14. #SharePoint Lists, event receivers and content types
  15. Automatically add SharePoint subfolders when adding a new Folder Content Type
  16. How to: Programmatically read the ChangeLog in PowerShell
  17. Granularity of SharePoint Features and Solutions
  18. How To Automatically Changing Permissions in a Doc Lib
  19. Define custom new/edit/display forms for Content Types
  20. Deploying the Browser enabled InfoPath Form template through feature
  21. Using User control (Web service call ) in SharePoint Web part
  22. Account Names, SharePoint Setups, Server 2008 and Cheese

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