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Links (6/10/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 10, 2009


  1. A great web part for SharePoint End Users
  2. SharePoint Photo Gallery using jQuery
  3. Let’s discuss about some BDC Web parts!
  4. Creating top-level (welcome page) redirects in SharePoint sites
  5. Six ways to store settings in SharePoint
  6. Updating Content Types Custom Edit, View Displayforms
  7. Embedding css file in custom Webpart in SharePoint
  8. 4 Minute Screencast: Create SharePoint “Sub-Calendars” using Content Types
  9. The Content Query Web Part
  10. Free Last Modified By/Date From SharePoint
  11. Submitting an InfoPath form to SharePoint with a unique filename
  12. SharePoint Search Design
  13. Datasheet view with Lists and content types
  14. Creating Content Types
  15. Using SharePoint Controls with Power WebPart
  16. Best Practices of SharePoint Farm configuring and deployment Part 2 – Installation & Configuration
  17. Using the Reusable Content to style HTML Contents
  18. Time Comparison in CAML Queries
  19. Columns missing when using the Lists.GetListItems SharePoint webservice
  20. SharePoint Filter web parts: using a context filter in a page layout


  1. How to access SharePoint calendars through Microsoft Outlook 2007
  2. Generating Microsoft Word Documents
  3. Ensuring Infopath forms to open in Forms Services
  4. Google Wants to Replace Microsoft Exchange with an Outlook Plug-in

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