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Links (6/15/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 15, 2009


  1. SharePoint 2007 Development – Build Processes
  2. Final Call: Excel and SharePoint – I didn’t know you could do that!
  3. Quick and Easy: Use jQuery to Set A Text Field’s Value on a SharePoint Form
  4. Cool SharePoint Photo Gallery With JQuery!
  5. Updating Metadata on Files in SharePoint: Low Cost, High Reward
  6. How To Trim SharePoint Blog Post
  7. MOSS Navigation Deep Dive – Part 1
  8. MOSS Navigation Deep Dive – Part 2
  9. Live demo: SharePoint, XML files, and Flash charts
  10. How to Check if SPGroup Exists
  11. Working with SharePoint (C#)
  12. SharePoint: Internal developer portal – first thoughts
  13. SharePoint Designer 2007 Governance: Options for selective lockdown?
  14. SharePoint Solution Deployment Strategies – Dare I say Best Practices?
  15. SharePoint Filter web parts: using a context filter in a page layout
  16. I got tired of attaching debugger to w3wp.exe. And you?
  17. Do you want to add totals to your List Rollup data view? Follow these simple steps…
  18. It’s Like Building WebParts, for Your Phone
  19. Highlighting the current page (site) in a custom navigation
  20. Charts with Power WebPart ( Management-Eye-Catchers )
  21. Hey SharePoint Calendar, I want my space back!


  1. Removing Page and Section Breaks from a Word Document
  2. InfoPath form and other xml Office documents do not open from Internet Explorer – Raw XML displays instead

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