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Links (6/18/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 18, 2009

  1. The ApplyApplicationContentToLocalServer Method and Why It Comes Up Short
  2. We Drift Deeper Into the Sound … as the Flush Comes – BLOB Cache
  3. Making Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Navigation Better
  4. Hiding specific item from ECB menu
  5. How to make “This Site” the default SharePoint search scope
  6. SharePoint WCM: flushing publishing pages from the cache
  7. SharePoint, Features and web.config modifications using SPWebConfigModification
  8. Debugging SharePoint/ASP.NET code? Smart key-codes + disable timeout!
  9. Quick and Easy: Use jQuery to Hide a Text Field on a SharePoint Form
  10. How to show file/folder icons depending on the type in Content Query Webpart
  11. Quick and Easy: Create Your Own jQuery Sandbox for SharePoint
  12. How to modify a DateTime value of AfterProperties in ItemUpdating/ ItemAdding Events in SharePoint
  13. Taming the Elusive “Calculated Column” – Referencing Multiple Lines of Text Column
  14. Quick and Easy: A Better Way to Use jQuery to Hide a Text Field on a SharePoint Form
  15. How to customize the table styles in content editor webpart
  16. The maximum limit for the length of the QueryText property of FullTextSqlQuery is 4096 characters.
  17. Retrieve SharePoint List Data with XLINQ using VS 2010 Beta 1
  18. STSADM Evolution
  19. SharePoint Data Zoom: Content Rotator Web Part
  20. Useful SharePoint Links
  21. Adding SharePoint Search plug-in for Firefox
  22. PowerShell quickie: Extract the feature IDs used in large SharePoint projects
  23. Looking through the source of SharePoint on SharePoint
  24. Run a workflow as a specific user using code
  25. Using the RadFileExplorer for ASP.NET AJAX in a MOSS web application
  26. Extending your MOSS site with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX 1.0
  27. STSADM (Part 1)

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