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Links (6/22/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 22, 2009

  1. Performance of various methods to retrieve one list item
  2. Extending SharePoint CoreResultsWebPart
  3. My checklist for optimizing SharePoint sites
  4. Silverlight instead of DataView Web-Parts? Sure, why not?
  5. Use SharePoint and Silverlight to display a summary of SharePoint blog posts on any site page
  6. A Simple, but Highly Effective Approach to Logging
  7. Configuring Logging in a Console Application
  8. Configuring Logging in ASP.NET Applications (and SharePoint)
  9. Configuring Logging in SharePoint Application Pages
  10. Customising the Content Query Web Part’s RSS feed
  11. SharePoint 2007 – 12 Hive System-File Changes: One Feature to rule them all!
  12. Uploading Files to SharePoint Server 2007 from ASP.NET Web Applications by Using the HTTP PUT Method (Visual How To)
  13. SharePoint 2007 – How to enable left navigation, quick launch, for all web-part pages in a farm?
  14. Securing SharePoint List/Document Library Views Seems (sort of) Possible with jQuery
  15. Guest blog by NaT – SharePoint People Picker: Override Validation Logic
  16. Should I Build my application in SharePoint vs. ASP.net
  17. SharePoint JavaScript – Page Load Add function: _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames
  18. Identity and Access Strategies for SharePoint (MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0) Products and Technologies
  19. How to create list using custom list template using SharePoint object model
  20. Cannot Store the WebPart Pages in the document libraries created from the custom document library definition in WSS 3.0. Now Bend It !!
  21. STSADM (Part 2)
  22. STSADM (Part 3)
  23. Securing Application Pages in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  24. Small SPQuery tip (How to get rid of “Cannot complete this action” error)
  25. Planning SharePoint Solution Packages (WSPs)
  26. Modifying out-of-the-box SharePoint files
  27. Using SPWebApplicationBuilder class for creating Web Application programmatically
  28. SharePoint and TDD
  29. Add Totals to the Dynamic Groups that Appear in your List Rollup Data View

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