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Links (7/9/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 9, 2009


  1. RPO and RTO: Prerequisites for Informed SharePoint Disaster Recovery Planning
  2. Extending SharePoint: Checking if a List exists
  3. SPList.Views does not retrieve hidden views
  4. Control the RSS Feed Settings on an SPList via the API
  5. Programmatically figure out the Email address of a list
  6. No Code Solutions: MOTD and Status Messages
  7. Inconvenient Page Title element
  8. Setting SharePoint Form Fields Using JavaScript
  9. 10 DIY SharePoint Web Parts #2
  10. Cancel delete using PreDelete callout.
  11. jQuery to the Rescue – Automate All Day Event
  12. The Source parameter and the difference between GoToPage and GoToLink
  13. Managing Risks in Sharepoint 3 – Solutions and Features Deployment
  14. Programmatically Edit Content Editor Web Part
  15. Item Expiration
  16. How To Programmatically Trigger a Custom Workflow
  17. Configure Item Level Permissions for Document Libraries
  18. Creating a Line of Business Application with SharePoint and Word 2007 – Part 2: Retrieving Information from SharePoint Using the List Data Retrieval Web Service
  19. WCF Services and SharePoint: Integrating SharePoint Web Parts and WCF Services Hosted in IIS
  20. Streaming Media Web Part for SharePoint
  21. SharePoint Search box customizations
  22. Exporting A SharePoint Site Into A Feature: Part 2 – Exporting the Site


  1. Is Silverlight Ready for the Enterprise? – great post on Enterprise features in SL
  2. Silverlight FloatableWindow update: start position and resizable
  3. Want to know more about getting started with Prism in Silverlight?
  4. MVVM – Philosophy and Case Studies – Introduction
  5. MVVM via attached behaviors in Silverlight
  6. Announcing Expression Encoder 3
  7. Day #6: Silverlight and the Twitter “Hello, World”
  8. Day #7: Using WCF Web Services With Silverlight (and LINQ)
  9. Day #8: Custom Fonts in Silverlight
  10. Day #9: Using Keystrokes in Silverlight
  11. Silverlight StackPanel with VerticalGap and HorizontalGap Properties
  12. Paint Application In Silverlight 3 – Part I
  13. Paint Application in Silverlight 3 – Part II
  14. Installing the MVVM Light Toolkit V1.1.0.0
  15. SilverBullet #6 – System.Windows.EventTrigger
  16. Clickable Hyperlinks in a Silverlight TextBlock
  17. Deep Zoom Composer – Adding Links, Creating Menus, and Creating Slideshows
  18. Validating Properties in Silverlight Classes
  19. Efficient Paging In Silverlight
  20. Thierry Fierens on “Is Silverlight 3 ready for business”
  21. Trees in Silverlight
  22. IPhone Style Drag and Push Panel in Silverlight
  23. Silverlight 3 Navigation Drag and Drop Actions
  24. Creating a ComboBox Style AutoCompleteBox Control in Silverlight
  25. Taking advantage of data binding in Silverlight
  26. Build a Simple Twitter client using Silverlight 2
  27. Month UPDown Control In Silverlight 3

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