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Links (7/30/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 30, 2009


  1. How to troubleshoot file upload problems in SharePoint
  2. SharePoint SilverView
  3. Hiding the Site Description
  4. InfoPath – Bulk update forms in a SharePoint library
  5. Publishing Page creation bug
  6. SharePoint and CAML Resource References
  7. SharePoint Coding Practices – A Quick Overview
  8. Bad Practice #2: No Governance Plan
  9. Upgrading SharePoint Site Content Types
  10. Upgrading SharePoint Site Columns (Fields)
  11. SAF is released!
  12. Windows Live Writer for Blogging in SharePoint
  13. Learn how Web and Interactive agencies use SharePoint to light up the brand for customers, such as Kroger or Dell Financial.
  14. Display Code in SharePoint as HTML
  15. Employee Blogging Using SharePoint: Blog Central
  16. Want to prevent users from activating certain features?
  17. Your First Presentation – SharePoint or Otherwise – good advice!
  18. Screencast: RSSBus SharePoint Web Part Intro
  19. Exporting A SharePoint Site Into A Feature: Part 5 – Wrap Up


  1. SharePoint and Silverlight Links
  2. Making Silverlight 3 Application Code More Compatible with Blend
  3. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 12: DataSet
  4. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 13: The New Class Library Project
  5. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 15: ASP.NET MVC
  6. Expression Studio 3 Available to All MSDN Premium Subscribers – installed the latest version today. Looking forward to trying out all the new bits.
  7. Silverlight 3 Multi-touch: The Basics
  8. How do I enable my Silverlight 3 application to run Out of the Browser?
  9. Debugging Silverlight Applications in Out Of Browser Mode
  10. A Silverlight TagCloud, Part 2: The TagCloud
  11. Drag and Drop in Silverlight 3 Application
  12. WebClient and HttpWebRequest class
  13. Expression Blend 3 – secrets of working with data.
  14. Expression Blend 3 – secrets of working with data 2
  15. Silverlight Effects
  16. OMG, where do I start?
  17. Silverlight 3, SSL, and ClientAccessPolicy.xml
  18. 3’ on Blend 3 – #10: XML Sample Data and DataGrid
  19. Silverlight DataContext Changed Event
  20. Disable Context Menu in Silverlight 3 Application
  21. List Box in Silverlight 3 Application
  22. File Handling in Isolated Storage in SilverLight
  23. Slidentity Updated for Silverlight 3 RTW
  24. Referring to Enums (and Other Nested Types) in XAML
  25. AutoCompleteBox in Silverlight 3
  26. Data Input Controls in Silverlight 3 Application
  27. What’s New In Silverlight 3 – Navigation
  28. Splash Screen in Silverlight 3 Application
  29. The Silverlight 3 development experience, ups and downs

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