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Archive for August 6th, 2009

Links (8/6/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 6, 2009


  1. Real World Branding with SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites
  2. Setting the CSS on a SPGridView Programmatically
  3. Leveraging ASP.NET User Controls in SharePoint development
  4. What goes in the the type element of a .webpart file?
  5. Web Part Class Resources – a forgotten storage location
  6. New Case Study Available on High Availability
  7. Build development servers for SharePoint using virtual images
  8. Recent SharePoint Case Studies
  9. SharePoint 2010 Cheat Sheet New Features and Highlights
  10. Sick and tired if always putting the 12 Hive in the path? Well I was….
  11. SharePoint Reusable Content
  12. KPI Dashboard for WSS: Part 1 – No code required
  13. Porting a SharePoint Designer (SPD) Workflow to Visual Studio.Net – Part 1
  14. SharePoint Utility: Adminstration Extension Download for SharePoint
  15. Firefox doesn’t respond to Enter Key in SharePoint Search Box
  16. SharePoint: Run JavaScript based on user rights / permissions
  17. Creating Thesaurus files
  18. Adding Themes the supported way!
  19. SharePoint Designer wrongfully says a file is checked out when it is not


  1. Selecting TreeView Nodes in Silverlight 3
  2. Silverlight Spy
  3. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 17: Evolving an Application
  4. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 18: Custom Linq Provider
  5. Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 19: ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  6. Defining Custom VSM states for Custom Controls in Silverlight 3 / Blend 3
  7. Creating A Form – Level 100
  8. Silverlight Toolkit on CodePlex Adds Live Samples in Visual Basic
  9. Pop Search Form Control in Silverlight
  10. Measuring the x,y distance between two elements in Silverlight
  11. Scrolling so smooth like the butter on a muffin [How to: Animate the Horizontal/VerticalOffset properties of a ScrollViewer]
  12. Windows Azure + Silverlight – #NEWCLOUDAPP()
  13. RIA Services, Silverlight and MVVM
  14. Silverlight element binding issue
  15. Silverlight Unit Testing
  16. Grid Splitter In Silverlight 3 Using Blend 3
  17. Pie Chart In Silverlight 3
  18. Custom Child Window in Silverlight 3
  19. ViewBox in Silverlight
  20. Send data from javascript to Silverlight
  21. Customizing Calendar Control in Silverlight 3 Application: Part I
  22. Drag n Drop an element from one Panel to another in Silverlight 3
  23. Silverlight 3 Navigation: Dynamically Loaded Pages… Now MEF Powered!
  24. TreeMap in Silverlight Toolkit: How to write your own interpolator

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