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Links (8/16/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 16, 2009


  1. Programmatically creating Wiki Pages
  2. SharePoint in Plain English
  3. Hiding / Removing Menu and Menu items in SharePoint
  4. Changing sequence and adding new menu items in SharePoint
  5. How to rename column names in Content Query Webpart using property : DataColumnRenames
  6. Running SharePoint on a native boot VHD
  7. Custom column of type “People/Group” named say: “last replied by” for team discussions which reflects the person/group who last replied to the thread in the topic (specific to that topic) in the discussion board in MOSS
  8. SharePoint: Shortcut keys!
  9. Review of the Outlook 2010 Object Model
  10. Change Passwords for SharePoint Accounts


  1. There is no SortedDictionary in Silverlight… so what?
  2. Fluid Dynamics in Silverlight – very cool
  3. Silverlight triggers
  4. Know it first if you want to know Silverlight
  5. Silverlight Out of Browser deep dive
  6. Custom Behaviors in Silverlight 3 and Blend 3
  7. #SharePoint Site Collections and 100Gb Content Database guidance
  8. So What’s a Silverlight Value Converter Anyway?
  9. Adding a Rotating Button to the Swivel Behavior Demo

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