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Links (9/3/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 3, 2009


  1. SharePoint Content Editor Web Part with IE8
  2. Customizing the SharePoint ECB with JavaScript, Part 1
  3. Getting Your Feet Wet Writing Code For SharePoint – Part 5 of 5
  4. Local SharePoint on Server 2008 Development
  5. MOSS Load Test
  6. VHD Lifestyle – My SharePoint 2007/2010 Development and Home/Media-Network Setup!
  7. Binary Free SharePoint Twitter Search Web Part
  8. Programmatically Changing a SharePoint Barcode
  9. Static Versioning in a WebPart EditorPart
  10. SPDocGen – SharePoint Documentation Generator – Full Source Code Uploaded
  11. Event Properties AfterProperties – what should they be?
  12. Tabbed Interfaces, SharePoint Calendars and Color Coded Columns
  13. Little blackbox called WebConfigModifications
  14. Developing SharePoint Applications–August 2009
  15. Issues Installing New Farm onto Server 08 R2 #UPDATED#
  16. SharePoint Visifire Charting with Custom List Data
  17. SharePoint Top Nav Dividers
  18. All you want to know about People Picker in SharePoint ( Functionality | Configuration | Troubleshooting ) Part-1
  19. Using custom authentication provider users in SharePoint Timer Jobs
  20. Create a recurring meeting workspace in SharePoint and connect it to Outlook


  1. writing applications that target both wpf and silverlight with a single codebase
  2. Why Declarative UIs Are Important
  3. SilverBullet #9 – System.Windows.Analytics
  4. Compiling pixel shaders for Silverlight
  5. More Silverlight MVVM fun
  6. Programming Silverlight
  7. Adobe Illustrator To XAML Conversion Options
  8. U.S. Army using Silverlight for Resourcing Troops
  9. Silverlight Data Examples Have Been Updated!
  10. What does a potential Silverlight Adoption Lifecycle look like?
  11. Work with Silverlight Deep Zoom

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