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Links (9/10/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 10, 2009


  1. SharePoint Cross Site Lookup Columns with jQuery
  2. Stubbing documents in SharePoint
  3. 10 SharePoint Deployment Standards
  4. People-Picker Lunch-Time reading
  5. Unit Testing SharePoint – Past, Present, and Sporm
  6. Creating top-level (welcome page) redirects in SharePoint sites
  7. How to use SharePoint Rich-Text Editor in Webparts and Controls
  8. Developing SharePoint Applications – Guidance for Building Collaborative Applications That Extend Your LOB Systems
  9. SharePoint August CU is complete
  10. Remember To Encode SharePoint Link* Fields Correctly
  11. Strongly Typed SharePoint List Collections By Template Type
  12. Creating branded my site in SharePoint
  13. SharePoint List Item: Delete vs.. DeleteItemById
  14. Deleting Very large objects from the second stage recycle bin
  15. Getting Selected ListItem’s Using LINQ
  16. SimpleSecurity SharePoint WebPart for Easing SharePoint Security


  1. Silverlight 3 Navigation: Even more on Dynamically Loaded Pages
  2. Silverlight: Change Background Colour programatically using C#
  3. RIA Services – Finding the InnerException
  4. New articles about the MVVM Light Toolkit V1.1.1
  5. SilverBullet #10 System.Windows.Documents.Run
  6. Silverlight Bridge – A Silverlight File Manager
  7. 5 Minute Overview of MVVM in Silverlight
  8. Silverlight Firestarter – Watch it Live Online or in Person
  9. New DevNugget: Silverlight Navigation Applications
  10. The best of Silverlight 3.0 – SketchFlow
  11. CodeFest-Meals – Silverlight Webcast Series and Sample App
  12. A complete Silverlight drag and drop solution, inspired by Flex’ DragManager.
  13. .NET RIA Services Part 4: Calling methods on the Server from Silverlight.
  14. Dispelling a Common WPF/SL Myth
  15. Update: Enterprise RIA Project Now Running on Silverlight 3 Release Version
  16. How can I remember which order Margin properties are set?
  17. Demystifying WPF/Silverlight layout properties
  18. C# Extension Methods and the CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute when targeting .NET 3.5 in Silverlight

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